Beer Advantages and Disadvantages | Pros and Cons, Are There Health Benefits?

Beer Advantages and Disadvantages: There are several kinds of beverages consumed by humankind. These beverages are drunk especially for refreshment and can be categorized into alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Going by the names of the two variants we can understand that the former contains alcohol and the latter does not contain alcohol.

Some of the drinks falling under the non – alcoholic variant are – fruit juices, soda, aerated drinks, non – alcoholic beer etcetera. On the other hand, some of the alcoholic drinks are – Whiskey, Wine, Gin, Vodka etcetera. Beer is a kind of beverage that falls under the category of alcoholic beverages. Beers are produced by multiple brands, with multiple ranges of alcoholic compositions and by utilizing different sources, thereby; there are different kinds of beers. Also, like every other thing, drinking beer comes with its pros and its cons and bags both, advantages as well as disadvantages.

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Alcoholic beverages are known to induce a kind of hallucination and intoxication in the individuals who consume the same. These are mostly always consumed as refreshments and for enjoyment purposes. Alcoholic beverages form a major part of celebrations and occasions in most cases. Although, alcoholic beverages, especially beer are treated as an informal drink on most occasions, It is considered as an essential part of several formal events too.

What is Beer? Advantages and Disadvantages of Beer 2021

Beer is an alcoholic beverage consumed by a large number of individuals wide the world. There are several staple notions about the consumption of beer. It is often said that the beer is an acquired taste and that most people are not naturally fond of the taste of beer, on the other hand, there is a contradicting notion against this argument that votes for the uniqueness of the taste of beer. Although, beer is popularly known as a lightly alcoholic beverage that does not induce as much intoxication as the other existing ones, there are several brands producing beer that hike up the alcohol percentage to a high level. Beer is almost often preferred in its cold form, on hot days – it is known to soothe people. Beer is made out of several things – there is a wheat beer, Ale, Brown ale, Indian pale ale and many more. However, beers can be categorized into two broad types – Lager and Ale. Beer is made out of several things; one of the most common is yeast. Just like the alcohol content and composition forms a point that differentiates between the different kinds of beers, the color of the beer is also a distinguishing factor. The color of beers varies from light yellow to even the darkest brown.

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Advantages of Beer

It can be said that society has dual perceptions about beer. There is a section that is devoted to drinking beer and beer tops their list of most liked alcoholic beverages, on the other hand, there are persons who absolutely dislike the taste of beer. Here are the advantages of this particular alcoholic beverage,

  1. Mostly pocket-friendly: Most of the beers from the existing brands are rather reasonably priced. Purchasing beers for any occasion won’t burn a deep hole in the pocket. Thereby, it is rather accessible compared to the costlier alcoholic drinks. However, there are rather costly beers too.
  2. More convenient: Not just because of its lesser prices, but also because of the considerably lesser alcohol content that beer is more convenient. Individuals can drink it at any time of the night or day. It is also available in most places.
  3. Refreshing: Although most, alcoholic and non – alcoholic beverages are considered to be refreshing, beers are more so, especially on a hot summer day. The gold flow of beer down the throat calms a sun-scorched soul.
  4. Available in more quantities: One common complaint from drinkers consuming alcoholic beverages is that the quantity available is too less for the price that they pay – This complaint is not legitimate in the case of beer, as beer is always available in large quantities, and drinkers who love drinking alcoholic beverages can enjoy a lot of the drink at a cheaper price.


Disadvantages of Beer

The disadvantages of beer can be closely associated with the same of the many other alcoholic drinks too. Here are some of the disadvantages of consumption of beer

  1. Can Cause belly fat: Overconsumption of beer is often followed by a bloated belly from the accumulation of hard fat around the belly region, this can make an individual unfit.
  2. Might be an addiction: Because beer is available in a massive quantity at a low price, an individual might get addicted to drinking beer, as they might continuously keep on drinking beer.
  3. Not preferred by everybody: It is often said that beer is an acquired taste, that the bitter and harsh taste of beer does not suit everybody’s taste buds. Thereby, drinkers who like a sweeter taste in their drink, or a smoother texture to their drink might not like drinking beer.
  4. Social misbehavior: Like any other alcoholic beverage that intoxicates the drinker, beer too, is responsible for a lot of social misbehaviors from the drinkers. A drunk individual can contribute to domestic violence not being in senses, they can get into fights with random strangers or otherwise, drinking and driving is a common this that is visible everywhere and many others.

Beer Advantages and Disadvantages

Comparison Table on Advantages and Disadvantages of Beer

A very good source of refreshment especially in summersA major cause behind developing belly fat
Purchasing and consuming beer is considerably pocket friendlyIts low cost might cause an individual to get addicted to drinking it
It is more convenient in every aspect compared to the other alcoholic beveragesIts distinctive taste is not liked by every drinker but by a section of people

Beer Advantages

FAQ’s About the Pros and Cons of Beer

Question 1.
Can drinking beer kill a person?

Overdose of any alcoholic beverage is harmful to human health, especially the liver. Therefore, an overdose of beer is also dangerous for human health and might cause severe diseases.

Question 2.
Are beers available everywhere?

Yes, beer is one such alcoholic drink that is available in every place mostly

Question 3.
Can underaged people drink beer?

Nobody who does not qualify for the legal age of drinking is eligible for drinking legally. The same goes for drinking beer too.

Question 4.
How to distinguish if a drink is a beer?

There are certain distinctive features of beer, such as it is likely to froth around the rim, it will have a bitter taste and beer is generally of the yellow and brown shades.

Question 5.
Can Beer contribute to social pathos?

Yes, with the misbehavior of beer drinkers after getting intoxicated, beer can cause social pathos and disturbance to the others.

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