MCQ Questions for Classes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 | Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for All Subjects

If you are looking out for Multiple Choice Questions of Classes 6-12 across the web then you have landed on the right page. This article comprises various objective-type questions that make your learning process much simpler.  Practicing the MCQ Questions and Answers will give you an extra edge in your preparation as they are quite scoring. You can download the Objective Questions of Classes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 available via quick links and practice offline too. Attempt History MCQ Questions Quiz and Computer MCQ Questions for Classes 1 to 12 available here and test your understanding of the topics.

Classwise MCQs for All Subjects with Answers

Understand all the topics thoroughly in NCERT Books by availing the Multiple Choice Question and Answers as they give you an overview of all topics. Try to Answer the Quiz Questions available here on your own and then verify with our answers to assess your preparation level. Allot time to the areas in which you are lagging and work accordingly. Practicing consistently will help you learn how to answer the questions in exams.

MCQ Questions for Class 10 with Answers

MCQ Questions for Class 9 with Answers

MCQ Questions for Class 8 with Answers

MCQ Questions for Class 7 with Answers

MCQ Questions for Class 6 with Answers

MCQ Questions for Class 12 with Answers

MCQ Questions for Class 11 with Answers

Download Objective Type Questions All Classes PDF Download

Solve the MCQ Questions of All Subjects on your own and test your understanding of important topics. All the MCQs are as per the Latest CBSE Syllabus Guidelines and you can score good grades in exams. You need not worry about the accuracy of the answers provided as they are given to you after extensive research by subject experts. Answer the Questions available here and remediate the knowledge gap accordingly and excel in your board exams or any other competitive exams.

Tips and Tricks to solve Multiple Choice Questions

Below are the simple tips and tricks to keep in mind while answering the MCQ Question and Answers. Use these simple hacks and answer like a pro in your CBSE Board Exams. They are in the following fashion

  • Try to read the Objective Questions carefully and answer them in your mind.
  • Eliminate the Wrong Answers and Choose the Best Answer.
  • Answer the known Multiple Choice Quiz Questions first so that you don’t run out of time in your exams.
  • Apply as many shortcuts as possible so that you can clear the exam with flying colors.
  • Take short breaks in between if possible.

FAQs on Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

  1. Where can I find Classwise MCQ Questions for all subjects?

You can get Class Wise Multiple Choice Questions for all subjects organized efficiently on our page.

  1. How to Learn MCQs Fastly?

You can learn MCQs fastly by simply practicing them as many times as possible as it is the only key to achieve success.

  1. Is there any Portal that Provides Subject Wise Objective Type Questions for Classes 6 to 12? is a portal that provides the Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Classes 6 to 12 all in one place.

  1. How do I Prepare for MCQs in CBSE Board Exams?

Reading alone will not help you reach your goals and you need to continuously practice the sample papers on a day-to-day basis so that it’s easy for you while solving them in actual CBSE Board Exams.


We as a team believe the knowledge shed above regarding the MCQ Questions with Answers for All Subjects has been useful in resolving your queries to the possible extent. If you have any doubts do contact us and we will get back to you. Keep in touch with our site to avail MCQ Questions, NCERT Books, NCERT Solutions, Previous Papers, etc.

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