Essay on Urbanisation | Urbanisation Essay for Students and Children in English

Essay on Urbanisation: Urbanization is the typical characteristic of human civilization and is the center of social life, economy, and politics. Urbanization is a term derived from a Latin word ‘urb’ which means city. The primary need for Urbanization is because it helps people under poverty and pushes them towards the progress of some industrialized urban centers. If the development is not administered aptly, it leads to the rise of pollution, crime, and slums.

Urbanization has demerits more than merits. With planned policies and sustainable land use, urban growth and development can thrive and minimize ecological degradation. Therefore, the government must create a well-developed plan of action and cannot ignore it.

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Long and Short Essays on Urbanisation for Students and Kids in English

We have mentioned two essays 500 words Long Essay and 200 words Short Essay. The long Essay on Urbanization consists of 400-500 words. The Long essay provides a framework that helps students with their competitive exams and assignments. The Short Essay on Urbanization is written for 200 words and is suitable for children and kids with their classwork.

Long Essay on Urbanization 500 words in English

Given below is a long Essay on Urbanization for aspirants of competitive exams and students belonging to classes 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. The Urbanization essay helps the students with their class assignments, comprehension tasks, and even for competitive examinations.

Urbanization is the movement of the population residing in rural regions to urban areas. Urbanization has become a popular trend in today’s world. It is one of the most common economic attributes and its gradual growth shifts to the surplus population and industrialization growth. Urbanization holds two conceptual meanings sociological and demographical. Demographically, Urbanization refers to the balance of a population of a region that resides in cities. The sociological reference for Urbanization relates to behavior, worldly things, or institutions that have an identity as an Urban origin.

Urbanization occurs due to the vast opportunities and better standards of living. Experts predict that by 2050, 84 percent of the developed nations and 64 percent of the developing countries will become urbanized. Urban development is highly essential for the national economic development of a society.

Employment is one major cause of Urbanization. The movement of people from rural to urban areas is mainly in search of job opportunities, shelter, and food. Political unrest also plays a vital role in Urbanization. Economic factors are another major cause of Urbanization. Due to the existence of poverty, and the plight of farmers living in rural regions, people move to the urban part looking for opportunities.

The next important cause of Urbanization is high-quality Education facilities. Urban areas offer opportunities for studying at technical colleges and universities that attract students from rural to urban. Ecological imbalance, environmental degradation, industrial expansion, and mining destroy the natural habitats of agriculture-dependent families and contribute to Urbanization.

The social cause is an essential reason for Urbanization. Many young people migrate from urban to rural to escape the conservative culture and seek a better lifestyle. Urban regions contain clubs and pubs, and an easy-going liberal way of living that attracts young people.

Benefits of Urbanization Essay

Urban regions provide efficient resources like clean water, electricity, housing, and other basic amenities than rural areas. The urbanization offers better access to essential services like transportation, entertainment, healthcare facilities, high-quality education, etc. Industrialization and commercialization are the end-products of Urbanization that provide better employment opportunities. Urbanizations are critical creators and disseminators of values and knowledge. The geographical proximity of diverse people aids the procreation of different ideas.

Urbanization holds the benefit of technological development and the implementation of different technologies. Urban people discover and experience the latest tech developments contradicting the rural individuals who remain ignorant of any newest event. Furthermore, some or all of the services remain unavailable in rural regions.

Effects of Urbanization Essay

Urbanization has made life affordable, which has to lead to an increase in population. The migration of people from rural regions to urban has lead to overcrowding and congestion of public spaces and transportation.

Population growth is one major factor that has led to unemployment with a high cost of living. Urbanization has, in turn, made fierce competition in every field to attain more senior positions. Urbanization has also led to elevated rental rates and the increase of slum accommodations.

Urbanization leads to inadequate facilities and contributes to problems such as typhoid, diarrhea, and plague. This has led to the elevation of crimes, kidnaps, thefts, rapes, murders, and hijackings. Traffic and road congestion is other main challenges faced by urban city people. Thus, Urbanization is a solution and harm to humanity. With is vast benefits, it also holds effects that cause the problem to man.

Long Essay on Urbanization

Short Essay on Urbanization 200 words in English

The 200 words short essay mentioned below is suitable for kids and children up to 6th standard. The essay is written to guide the children with their school works-assignments and comprehension exercises.

Urbanization means the movement of man from least developed parts in search of better facilities. Urbanization leads to the disappearance of forests and agricultural lands for modern buildings that lead to the migration of farmers into the cities.

A developed region facilitates resources like electricity, clean water, housing, and other necessities than rural areas. The urbanization offers better services like entertainment, transportation, high-quality education, healthcare facilities, etc. that fosters better lifestyle and living conditions.

The large-scale urban development has contributed to India’s economy. It expands the production system, thus paving the way to large scale manufacture of goods and services. The booming economic development leads to the growth of cities and towns.

Rapid Urbanization around the world has lead to the growth of severe causes in big cities. It has lead to an increase in population all around the world. The advancement in the field of science and medicine, have decreased death rates and increased birth rates. Thus, the population is a growing factor of Urbanization.

Rapid Urbanization and growth of expanding trade and businesses in India have lead to rural-urban migration. The extension of cities and towns has led to the destruction of many agricultural lands in rural regions.

Thus, Urbanization is a continuous rising process. It ensures the transformation of rural culture into the urban culture, and the government must be observant of the rapidly pacing Urbanization.

10 Lines on Urbanization Essay in English

  1. Urbanization is the transformation of rural areas into urban. It leads to the movement of people from rural to cities.
  2. Urbanization impacts the concentration of population towards the regions that provide higher income categories.
  3. Experts have stated that by 2050, 84 percent of the developed nations and 64 percent of the developing countries will become urbanized.
  4. Urbanization occurs mainly in search of job opportunities, shelter, and food.
  5. Urbanization leads to environmental degradation, industrial expansion, ecological imbalance, and mining.
  6. Urbanization leads to commercialization and industrialization and provides people with housing, electricity, and clean water.
  7. Urbanizations leads to overpopulation, unemployment, traffic, and congestion of public spaces.
  8. Urbanization has led to an increase in crimes, kidnaps, thefts, rapes, murders, and hijackings.
  9. The urban development increases the economic development of a country through higher though income capita.
  10. Creating awareness can resolve problems related to Urbanization.

10 Lines on Urbanization Essay

FAQ’s on Urbanisation Essay

Question 1.
What is meant by Urbanization?

Urbanization is the transformation into cities. This sees the movement of a particular section of the population from the rural regions migrating to urban areas.

Question 2.
State a few critical causes of Urbanization.

Urbanization has led to high-quality education, excellent job opportunities, quick access to basic amenities, technological enhancements, etc.

Question 3.
How does Urbanization benefit People?

Urbanization has led to the advancement of industries, thus providing people with resources like clean water, electricity, housing, transportation, entertainment, healthcare facilities, etc.

Question 4.
What are the harmful effects faced due to Urbanization?

Urbanization causes a plethora of problems such as increased population growth, deforestation, traffic and road congestion, increased crime rates, a decrease in natural resources, pollution, etc.

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