Agriculture in India Essay | Essay on Agriculture for Students and Children

Agriculture in India Essay in English: Agriculture is undoubtedly the backbone of our nation. One simple Agriculture in India Essay will not be sufficient to write about the importance of agriculture in India essay and contribution of agriculture to India. India, which is the second-largest producer of agricultural products in the world, produces more than 280 million tonnes, contributing to more than 15% of India’s GDP.

Jai jawan Jai Kisan a term coined by the former Prime Minister of India, Lal Bahadur Shastri holds value and relevance for thousands of years to come. While soldiers at our nation’s borders protect our countries from enemies, farmers of India feed the country each and every day.

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If any credit is to be given for India’s dominance in the world economy, it goes to the farmer of our land.

Long and Short Essay on Agriculture in English for Students and Children

Examples of Agriculture in India Essay with a 600-word limit is provided below in the article. For student’s convenience, we have also provided a 200 word limit on Agriculture in India Essay of India.

Long Essay on Agriculture in India in English

If you have had your meals today, then it goes without saying, but thank a farmer.

We can live without a driver or a carpenter or film hero or a singer, but can you live without a farmer? Can we even imagine our lives without food? Food is as important as oxygen and water. While oxygen and water are produced by our imaginary gods, food is produced by our living God, the farmer of India.

But why is farmer’s plight, especially in a developing country India, is in such bad shape? What are we not doing that other developed countries are doing to their farming community? Have we neglected the importance of agriculture in India? I will be answering some of these questions in this Agriculture in India Essay

What are the Problems That Agriculture in India Faces?

There are plenty of problems that a farmer faces in his field of work. Essay on Indian Agriculture and its problems are discussed below:

  • Unpredictable Climatic Conditions: Even though we have sophisticated technologies to detect rainfalls and sunrises, it is not sufficient for in terms of agricultural scales. But just prediction is of no use. There are scanty rainfalls, a sudden increase in temperature and other factors that might harm the crops. This is usually referred to as Force Majeure or an act of god. Man has been facing this problem ever since the beginning of time.
  • Lack of Support: It pains me to say that as you are reading this Agriculture in India Essay, a farmer somewhere in a corner of India would have committed suicide. India has one of the highest farmer suicide rates in the world. There is an average of ten farmer suicides in the country every day. They commit suicide usually when they are not able to repay the loans back that they took to cultivate the land. Either because of the pressure from the landlord, moneylenders or from banks, farmers take to this extreme step. Agricultural sector needs immediate government relief and interventions to prevent any more deaths
  • Lack of Awareness: Countries like America and China make use of technology and data analytics tools to improve their agricultural sector. Unfortunately, India lags far behind them in this field. After reading through Agriculture in India Essay in China or America, where they have stated how they use data analytic tools to overcome unpredictable weather conditions and other extraneous factors, I feel its high time India adopts the same.

These are some of the problems that farmers are facing, but there are surely ways in which the sector can be improved. The subsequent part of the Agriculture in India Essay talks about the measures that the government and farming community can take to improve the present state of conditions.

Measures to Improve Agriculture in India

The following measures can be adopted to improve the sector

  • Financial Support: As mentioned in the previous part of this Agriculture in India Essay, farmers need support from all corners of the country. Given the present-day scenario where every part of the economy is suffering due to coronavirus pandemic, the agriculture sector needs immediate relief and relaxations. The government can start with waiving off loans of the farmers and infuse cash into the sector so that farmers can bounce back on their feet.
  • Minimum Support Price: This is another important policy that the government of India is keen to introduce. Whether its rabi crop or Kharif crops, fruits or vegetables, a minimum price will be set below which farmers shouldn’t be forced to sell their produce. Usually, the farmers are taken advantage by middlemen at mandis and wholesale market where the produce is bought for very less price and then sold it to end consumers at a very high price, leaving farmers at a loss.

Long Essay on Agriculture

Short Essay on Agriculture in India in English

Below, we have provided a 200-word limit Agriculture in India Essay than can be used by students and children for school assignments and project works

Agriculture is not just a sector for India or just a job that people do, it is simply a way of life for us Indians. Without this sector, the population boom in this country and the economic cycles will come to a literal standstill.

As someone who has seen this sector closely, I can write my own personal opinion on this particular Agriculture in India Essay. A typical day in a farmer’s life at a village consists of getting up early around 5 am, taking a good bath at the natural streams nearby, having sumptuous breakfast, pack some healthy lunch and leave to the fields. From seed sowing, soil tilling, fertilising and harvesting the land, each and everything is done with love and care by the farmer.

Agriculture, having contributed for more than 15% of India’s GDP and provided employment and livelihood for more than half the country’s working population, hasn’t got its due credit. The supports system that agriculture has given for India’s economic prowess can’t be described in just one simple Agriculture in India Essay.

Simply put, the amount of support a farmer has given to his country is more than the amount of support the country has given to its farmer.

10 Lines On Agriculture in India Essay

  1. Agriculture contributes to more than 15% of India’s GDP and has provided employment to millions of people in the country
  2. India is the second-highest producer of agricultural products in the world
  3. Agriculture forms over more than  70% of India’s export capacity
  4. Agriculture in India needs to be improved from its present state
  5. The building of dams, irrigation canals and technological infrastructure is necessary to improve the sector
  6. Data analytic tools and other such software should be used to improving agricultural techniques
  7. Agriculture leads to deforestation and adds to the woes of global warming issues
  8. Old agricultural methods like crop burning and canal irrigation lead to increasing air pollution and water pollution
  9. Excessive and pressurized agricultural methods lead to a decrease in the groundwater table
  10. Excessive use of chemical, pesticides, and fertiliser for short cut methods of agricultural produce can lead to food posing as well as a decrease in the soil nutrient capacity

10 Lines On Agriculture in India Essay

FAQ’s on Agriculture in India Essay

Question 1.
Who produces the highest agricultural products in the world?

China is the world’s highest producer and exporter of agricultural products

Question 2.
How much of the land surface is cultivated in the world?

As of now, 11% that is 1.5 billion hectares of the global land is used for agriculture

Question 3.
What are the types of agriculture?

The main types are shifting, commercials and intensive agriculture

Question 4.
Who is the father of agriculture?

Norman Ernest Borlaug, an American scientist, is the father of agriculture

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