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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Technology: You cannot imagine your world without technology. Today it is one of the essential things that the world needs. Technology refers to the practical application of scientific knowledge for a purpose. It enhances the usefulness of goods and services and helps in creating value. It helps make any work easier and helps us in multiple ways. Technology has both positive and negative effects. Many people use it for their growth, and some use it to harm society and the ecosystem.

In this article, we will be explaining the advantages and disadvantages of Technology. When you compare advantages to disadvantages, let us tell you the advantages are far more. Read it further to understand technology in a better way.

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How is Technology Helpful In Improving And Destroying Our Lives?

Technology exists in everyone’s life in some way or the other. Life is impossible without technology as everyone is dependent on it. Technology is something that helps meet the requirements and needs of humans. It is not at all complex but helps makes life easier. With the changing time requirements of the people have also changed further technology has also evolved with time. For example, earlier people use to make food on wood or gas stoves.

But, with the changing time and technology, people can easily cook food in a microwave and on an induction cook top using electricity. The need to prepare food has not changed, but the way of preparation has changed immensely. Earlier, making long-distance calls use to take weeks. Today there are reliable sources of communication in the form of mobile phones that everything is at your fingertips. With the increasing needs of people, even technology developed faster.

Technology has also helped in bioengineering to benefit the environment, health, and nutrition. Any product used to benefit organisms or their environment is an example of biotechnology.

Technology has helped in the development of devices that have helped cure people to a great extent. With the help of technology, people who are deaf can hear, people who are dumb can speak, and it has done wonders that you cannot even imagine. It is through technological advancement that people have reached other planets. Today technology is everywhere.

One most important thing to remember is that technology has its negative effects too. Its negative effects can hamper the environment to a great extent. The development of nuclear weapons, machines, bombs with the help of technology can affect the environment drastically. It can hamper mother earth. In the same way, increasing population and pollution have affected the ecosystem greatly.

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Advantages Of Technology

  • Increase production: the technology helps increase production multiple times. Human efforts and energy of working are limited. But with machinery, the production can be multiplied the number of times as machines have the capability to perform better. The work done by the machine is more accurate and is done with perfection. All the products are alike, which is not possible in the case of human efforts. Technology has helped people make profits multiple times.
  • Saves times: today, time is money. Thus, technology helps to save a lot of time and increases efficiency and productivity. We can complete huge tasks within less time. Today everything is automated, and this technology helps to save a lot of time in doing things that are not possible by humans. Example: If you do not have the time to buy clothes, just shop online, and you will get the delivery at your doorsteps. Thus, it is through technology that one can use time on other important things.
  • Technology helps improve services: in case you buy a television, and it stops after a few days. You need not worry as the TV is in the warranty period. You can simply call the company or its customer care and get your TV fixed. Thus, with a simple phone call or mail, things have become so easy.
  • Easy and quick communication: technology has made communication just a button away. With a click of a button, you can make calls, send emails, fax, order things online, and do a lot of things with the help of technology. Technology has helped us in giving better modes of communication. Now you don’t need to write letters to your loved ones if you are missing them. Do a video call and feel them close to you.
  • Reduces online crime/cybercrime: today, the technology is so advanced that there are apps made to find fraud within seconds. Cyber-attacks have reduced as there are advanced algorithms made to detect any kind of cybercrime.
  • Has increased safety: technology has increased the safety of people. With the help of technology, there are CCTV cameras made that keeps your valuables at the shop and home safe. Everything is captured in the camera, and finding the thief becomes easy. Even our mobile phones, laptops, Godrej locker, have lock systems that keep our data and other valuables safe. You can use fingerprint, eye, or face recognition to open your phone, laptop, and other devices.

Disadvantages of Technology

  • Unemployment: Technology has brought unemployment to a great extent with the advancement of technology. People are being dependent on computers for every work and also for their existence. This further has brought unemployment as a single computer is capable of doing the work of so many people that too in very less time.
  • Data security: Today, your data is not at all safe with you as there are people who know the use of technology and have become hackers. Using the latest technology, they can hack your computer, bank accounts, office data, and a lot more just by sitting at home. It has become risky to share OTP and other details online as the risk of fraud is high. Sharing a single piece of information online clearly means that there are vast chances of data reaching the hands of criminals, hackers, terrorists, and foreign enemies.
  • People get distracted easily; People get distracted easily by using different gadgets rather than going through something fruitful. There are social media that has kept youngsters, adults, and children engaged, and thus they get distracted from doing their daily chores. Kids find it hard to concentrate on their studies as most of them today own a laptop or a phone.
  • Health issues: People today are so obsessed with technology that they forget to care about their own health. This affects their health in different ways. They have eye-sight problems, obesity, insomnia, and a lot more. Some people cannot sleep without using their phones. Some cannot focus on their studies as they have a habit of checking their phone every now and then.
  • People get involved in seeing unwanted things: due to the internet, people, especially students and youngsters, get involved in seeing the wrong apps. They are using apps that are not legal and are good for their growing minds. Things that are not pleasing become entertainment for some just because of the internet and technology.
  • Addiction: some people have an addiction to playing online games, using dating websites, watching a movie every night. There are people who have an addiction to gambling online which has its own diverse effects. In addition to anything, even technology is bad.

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Some Facts that You Did Not Know How Technology Affects You?

Technology affects us in different ways. Did you know when you receive a text from a dear friend, your body releases dopamine?  Yes, it is true. When the brain knows that you are happy or you are going to be rewarded, then the brain releases dopamine. It is related to technology. Imagine you are so connected to technology that you get affected mentally, physically, and emotionally.

When you use your phone or computer, or laptop, then the rays coming out from the computer affect your mental as well as physical health. Did you know the more you use the screen, there are more chances that you can be prone to depression, eye problems, headache, insomnia, anxiety, and other health issues?

People are no more physically active as they are dependent on technology for every little thing. They don’t have to work hard or do any physical activity to get things done. It is due to the presence of technology around them 24X7. This is what is making them physically unfit and inactive.

Are you aware of the fact that technology affects you emotionally too? With the regular use of technology, people tend to get affected emotionally. If you are expecting a message from someone and you do not get it, you tend to get frustrated and angry. Thus, technology also affects human emotion.

Conclusion on Advantages And Disadvantages of Technology

Technology is there in everyone’s life. It affects you emotionally, physically, mentally, and environmentally. Technology makes the world a better place. It gives us the freedom to live in a better way and helps make our life easy. Technology helps in better communication, treatment of diseases, has helped reached space, and wherever you look around, it is there. It not only helps develop the present but also the future. Technology thus is an essential part of our lives and will also be the same, as it will be evolving day by day.

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