Advantages And Disadvantages Of Homework | Pros and Cons of Homework, Is Homework really a Burden?

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Homework: Homework or home assignment is a set of tasks assigned by the teacher to the students to be completed at home or outside the classroom. The basic idea of the invention of homework was to retain the topics studied in the class by the students. Homework nurtures many abilities of the students like their time management skills and also their ability to complete the given task in a given time frame. Homework also helps the parents to keep updated about what is happening in the class.

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Homework is a way to teach the students to learn to work independently. Homework was introduced as a punishment for the students who didn’t complete their work on time or who were disobedient to the teacher but later on it became practice as there were many positive changes being seen in the students. Nowadays, it is frequently used practice all over the world.

What is Homework? Advantages and Disadvantages of Homework

Homework is an assignment or a set of assignments assigned by the teacher to the students which are to be done or completed outside the school premises or classroom. The purpose of homework when it was introduced was to be use it as a punishment for the lazy or disobedient students but now it has taken a different meaning.Now, it is assigned to the students to improve or enhance their knowledge about a particular topic or subject.Homework or home assignments aim to benefit the children as they acquire a more comprehensive knowledge about the subject.Homework also helps to build a healthy relation and communication between the child and the parents as they have a common topic to discuss and share their views. It also keeps the parent updated about the learnings his/her child is getting at the school.

Advantages of Homework

  • Homework helps a student to maintain the discipline of practice as we all know that Practice makes a man perfect. Doing a topic repeatedly increases the understanding of the topic and thus he gets to understand the importance of practice.
  • It also makes the child more aware of his time management skills. Homework is to be completed within a set deadline, so it pushes the child to finish the given work within the deadline and increase his time management skills.
  • Homework act as a communication link between the child, the teacher and the parents. It makes a teacher and parent understand how the child prefers to learn and what are his learning abilities.Also, parents get to know about what their child is learning at school.
  • Some children are hesitant by nature, so they are not comfortable to learn or express their views in a classroom. Homework acts as a boon for such students as they can work and think independently in the comfort of their home thus accelerating their knowledge.
  • For effectively completing the homework, a child need to have a comprehensive knowledge about the topic which pushes him to take help from the libraries or the internet. This increases their understanding about the usage of such tools.
  • Being regular at doing homework, helps the children to discover the habit of revising a topic. It makes them understand that it is necessary to revise as it saves their time during exams.
  • Every child is not the same so is their learning and grasping power. It is not necessary that the child has completely understood the topic at school.homework helps such children to revise and comprehend the topic at home where they can have a deeper knowledge and understanding of the same.

Disadvantages of Homework

  • We all have a variety of subjects at school so it is not possible for the child to complete the homework of all the subjects as it will lead to a mental pressure on the child and he will not be able to focus on anything.
  • It affects physical and mental health of a child as it is very difficult to spend so many hours on studies and if forced makes him unmotivated and frustrated.
  • Homework is an essential part of being a good learner but excessive of it can have an adverse effect on the child like not being socially and emotionally active.
  • It also hampers the time a child gets for the extracurricular activities because the time he gets will be spent on completing the homework.
  • The child gets to spend a very less time with his family and friends thus hampering his emotional development which is very crucial for his future and physical growth. They also feel isolated and dejected.
  • Doing the work at home, makes the parents get involved in the child’s work which can make him dependent on the parents everytime he is doing the work. This will result in slipping of grades and knowledge as well.
  • Too much of homework also results in less active or practical learning and more of book learning. What a person can learn practically stays with him for the lifetime so it is necessary to have an active knowledge about the same.
  • It is a major reason of stress and anxiety in the children’s lives. When a child is not able to finish homework on time he suffers from anxiety and stress due to the fear of punishment from the teacher.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Homework 1

Comparison Table for Advantages and Disadvantages of Homework

A child develops better time and study management skills.Homework can cause tension and stress in the child at home as well as school as they feel burdened.
It also provides an insight into the child’s progress and knowledge to the parents.It results in lack of sleep,headaches, and weight loss among the children.
In the comfort of their home, a child can study without any distractions and disturbance.Homework also is a wastage of time because it takes the enjoyment and leisure hours out of the child’s routine.
It acts as a progress tracker of the child to the teacher as they can track which child is struggling with the studies.Spending excessive time on homework cuts down the precious family time which is a necessity for the healthy progress of a child.

FAQ’s on Advantages And Disadvantages Of Homework

Question 1.
Why is homework important for the students?

Homework is important for the progress of the students as they get to revise the topic which they have learned at the school thus enhancing their knowledge and it also bulbs a healthy habit of self- study.

Question 2.
Is homework good for your brain?

Homework promotes a deeper knowledge about the subject and to achieve that the student must make use of the advanced educational techniques and this results in a more consolidated memory.

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