10 Lines on World Hypertension Day for Students and Children in English

10 Lines on World Hypertension Day: One of nine people suffers from Hypertension today. It is one of the steering causes of cardiovascular diseases today. Due to the increasing number of hypertension patients in the past decades, an umbrella organization of eighty-five high blood pressure leagues and societies are helping people recognize the condition that they are unaware of.

The world hypertension league inaugurated a global awareness program on high blood pressure in 2005 and decided to commemorate the day of May 17th as the World Hypertension Day. Around forty-seven countries actively participated in the program in 2007 to send a message to the people through various programs and activities. The message was able to reach around two hundred and fifty million people, which only grew in numbers every year.

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Step 1 – 10 lines on World Hypertension Day for Kids

The first step is helpful for the students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

  1. On May 17th, world hypertension day is celebrated every year.
  2. In 2005, the world hypertension league initiated to start the awareness program of high blood pressure among people and initiated the day.
  3. High blood pressure is another name for Hypertension. It occurs when the blood force is way too high in the human body against the arteries.
  4. World hypertension day is a health awareness program that occurs globally to aware people about the consequences of high blood pressure and how to avoid it.
  5. Since the death rates are relatively high due to Hypertension, the awareness program helps them to reduce blood pressure and maintain a healthy heart quickly.
  6. Nongovernmental organizations, governments, and other social communities join hands to conduct awareness programs on the diseases caused by high blood pressure levels on the occasion of world hypertension day.
  7. Today, more than a billion people are suffering from high blood pressure.
  8. Hypertension is the leading cause of high blood pressure takes to say more than a billion lives every year globally.
  9. Yoga, exercise, a healthier diet plan, meditation, and a better lifestyle can help you to control and prevent diseases caused due to high blood pressure.
  10. There is a theme every year to celebrate world hypertension day and showcase the ugly effects of Hypertension.

10 Lines about World Hypertension Day

Step 2 – 10 Lines on World Hypertension day for School Children

The second step will help the students of classes 6, 7, and 8.

  1. The occasion of world hypertension day helps people to take proper measures against heart-related diseases.
  2. Various discussion panels, seminars, and health check-up camps are conducted around the world by the league centres to celebrate the day and grow awareness among people.
  3. Hypertension is the primary cause of heart disease, which most people are unaware of. The world hypertension day highlights the diseases that can emerge due to high blood pressure.
  4. On the World hypertension day of 2008, the theme was “know your numbers” which indicated the increasing number of hypertension patients in the world.
  5. Many organizations conduct health seminars and sessions, guiding health practitioners about their roles and educating them about their duties to handle the disease.
  6. A heart attack is one of the leading causes of Hypertension. The day helps to conduct awareness campaigns to save more lives and aware of the patients on time.
  7. The concern of celebrating world hypertension day is to aware people of the importance of keeping their health at their best and take help from local health organizations to check blood pressure and take proper measures to keep it under control.
  8. Fact sheets and posters are made and distributed in various localities, offices, and school areas to aware people of the consequences of untreated high blood pressure levels.
  9. Question-answer sessions, health walks, check-up camps, free medicine donations are conducted on the occasion of world hypertension day.
  10. There are various volunteers and health experts provided by the world hypertension league to organize events and help people actively participate on May 17th.

Step 3 – 10 lines on World Hypertension day for Higher Class Students

The third step is to help the students of classes 9, 10, 11, and 12.

  1. Hypertension is one of the leading causes of heart attacks today, and about one in four people are dying of heart strokes and attacks every year.
  2. Millions of people suffering from Hypertension are unaware of their situation and the consequences which led to the celebration of world hypertension day.
  3. According to the world hypertension league, about 1.6 billion people are suffering from increased blood pressure and are unknown to the heart diseases that can emerge from it.
  4. Highly developed countries with rich resources like Canada have high-quality health care facilities. However, the awareness scale is only 57%.
  5. According to a survey conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO), the leading cause of death among people is due to Hypertension.
  6. Hypertension has no warning signs and is often considered the silent killer.
  7. Cerebrovascular stroke, kidney failure, angina, myocardial infarction, and end-organ damage are all the consequences of high blood pressure.
  8. Various countries have taken up a partnership to promote hypertension awareness among people for the overall health of the mass. The hypertension awareness program had been a success with the use of mass media connections and press releases showcased on television, the internet, and radio.
  9. Every year, health check-up camps are organized for checking high blood pressure levels and are given free medicine to control it.
  10. Since our heart is one of the critical organs of our body, it is a duty to keep it safe and to run for long and healthy life.

10 Lines of World Hypertension Day

FAQ’s on 10 lines on World Hypertension Day

Question 1.
In 2020, what was the theme of world hypertension day?

The theme for world hypertension day in 2020 was “measure your blood pressure accurately, control it, live longer”. This was after the record of increasing patients with high blood pressure levels all over the world.

Question 2.
The highest rate of Hypertension is observed in which country?

The countries of eastern Europe and central Europe retain a record of high blood pressures, especially among men. While in the suburbs of Sahara Africa, women are examined to have high rates of blood pressure.

Question 3.
What are the results of high blood pressure?

high blood pressure directly attacks the heart of a person. It makes the arteries less elastic, damaging them. This results in decreasing oxygen and blood flow to the heart, finally establishing a heart disorder. Angina is a particular heart condition associated with chest pain that occurs due to low blood flow to the heart.

Question 4.
What is the mortality rate of Hypertension?

According to a survey, the death rate due to Hypertension in the United States has increased by eleven per cent between 2005 to 2016. As per statistics, more than one lakh people die of Hypertension every year.

Question 5.
What causes Hypertension?

When you involve a diet that includes high fat, salt, and cholesterol, it can cause high blood pressure, hormone and kidney problems, even diabetes. Sometimes, Hypertension is hereditary.

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