10 Lines on Ujjwala Yojana for Students and Children in English

10 Lines on Ujjwala Yojana: On the 1st of May 2016, the Prime Minister of our Country, Shri Narendra Modi, implemented the Ujjwala Yojana. This was done to provide Liquid Petroleum Gas to the various rural Households. The households targeted in the schemes were all below the poverty line. They were either using “chuhlas” for cooking or survived on mostly boiled foods. These gas connections were provided to the individuals at a subsidiary rate. The subsidies provided at a cumulative level were substantial. The government made around 50 million allocations. The budgetary allocations made for the scheme were about 80 billion rupees. This was a considerable amount. The schemes outperformed the targets set by the government in the first year of its implementation.

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Set 1 – 10 Lines on Ujjwala Yojana for Kids

Set 1 is helpful for students of Classes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

  1. The Ujjwala Yojana was begun to provide gas and fuel for cooking.
  2. The schemes target below-poverty-line women.
  3. There have been several awareness camps in West Bengal, Gujarat, and other populous states.
  4. The scheme is estimated to reach 80 million households.
  5. Several new distribution centers have been built and maintained.
  6. The presence of natural gas for cooking purposes reduced pollution levels.
  7. Coals and Wood are both depleting resources.
  8. The alternative funds for coal and Wood must be distributed to various households.
  9. This has to be done, especially in India.
  10. A large section of the population lives below the poverty line and does not know about these resources.

10 Lines on Ujjwala Yojana for Kids

Set 2 – 10 lines on Ujjwala yojana for School Students

Set 2 is helpful for students of Classes 6, 7 and 8.

  1. The Ujjwala Yojana was first introduced in the month of May 2016.
  2. It has been started to search for new methods and propagate the usage of alternative energy resources.
  3. Out of all the families reached out to 50 % belonged to scheduled castes and scheduled tribes.
  4. By December of 2018, the number of families that were reached out to was 58 million.
  5. The companies that market oil played a huge role in the publicity of this scheme.
  6. The oil distribution companies conducted more than 21000 camps for awareness.
  7. Although various parts of the country happily accepted the schemes, LPG usage has not seen much growth.
  8. Most families receive a gas connection and sell it to other families.
  9. The families generate a profit out of this and sustain themselves on the money earned.
  10. The scheme could not assess to perfection, the problem of crippling poverty.

Set 3 – 10 Lines on Ujjwala Yojana for Higher Class Students

Set 3 is helpful for students of Classes 9, 10, 11, 12 and Competitive Exams.

  1. The result of the scheme will see more significant provisions for the usage of safe and clean cooking fuel.
  2. The scheme has been implemented across the country for this very purpose.
  3. States like Rajasthan, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh have registered the maximum number of new connections with around 5.8 million connections in Rajasthan alone.
  4. With new technology improvements, it has become easier to keep track of household that does not have a gas connection or those that do not yet have a cylinder.
  5. The state of Himachal Pradesh has provided for free gas cylinders under the scheme during the ongoing pandemic and food crisis that has taken over the country.
  6. Under the subsidies received by Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, buying a gas connection has become more comfortable.
  7. The Ujjwala Yojana has introduced several individuals to the perks of having a gas connection.
  8. The procedure of getting the connection is secure, and fuel is also cheap.
  9. The one-time investment brings with it, a stove, a cylinder, and a gaslighter.
  10. All that the individuals need to do is provide clear identity proof to the nearest gas vendor and secure a connection.

10 Lines on Ujjwala Yojana for Higher Class Students

FAQ’s on 10 Lines on Ujjwala Yojana

Question 1.
When was the Ujjwala Yojana announced, and when did its implementation begin?

The Pradhan Mantri Ujjjwala Yojana was announced in the month of May 2016. The implementation began in the month of July 2016.

Question 2.
How many connections have been distributed so far?

The last recorded number of new connections distributed crosses 10 million. It has reached almost 16 million households by the Aaddhar Card verification process. The scheme has also reached out to some 20 million below poverty line families without an Aaddhar Card.

Question 3.
Why is this scheme relevant?

The scheme aims to provide safe and clean energy resources to below poverty line families. It provides subsidies to the women of these families.

Question 4.
What energy sources does it aim to replace?

Coal and Wood.

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