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Twitter Advantages and Disadvantages: Twitter is a social media site that is used to connect people and allow them to share their ideas, thoughts with a large number of users. At present, it is one of the most popular social media platforms available. Twitter was launched in 2006, at present there are almost 100 million active users and about 500 million tweets daily. The founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams had an idea to create an SMS-based communication platform with which a large audience around the world can connect to each other’s status. Twitter has successfully created a highly addictive platform. But it can sometimes be a boon for someone and could be a curse for others.

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What is Twitter? Twitter Advantages and Disadvantages 2022

Twitter was launched in 2006, and the founder of Twitter is Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams. They had an idea of creating a platform that will be SMS-based communication to connect with many people at the same time. Twitter is a social media platform that is helpful to connect a large audience with their ideas, news, and messages. The short messages that are likely to 280 character limit are called ‘tweets’. Here people can follow you and get information and facts about you by your tweets. Twitter is easy to use, as you can be a broadcaster means you can tweet anything, anytime and the people who follow you or not can be able to get the news about you in real-time and also you can be a receiver who gets the tweets of the person whom you follow. You have an option to follow or unfollow any person on Twitter.

Besides sharing their thoughts, facts, product promotions, or just boredom on their web page, some use it as a chance to shout out to the world and enjoy how many people read their tweets. Sometimes there is so much gibberish but there is much useful news and informative content on Twitter in real-time. We have to understand according to our needs and find out whom to follow or not. Twitter can be used as a tool for social messaging and after understanding the terms such as FAVOURITE, DM, FF, BLOCK, HASHTAGS, etc. we can also use it for advertising with good results.

Most celebrities like Twitter due to its popularity by which they can reach their fans and can build a personal connection with them.

Twitter is the best place for Blogging, texting, and put own opinion. But it can be also a place for some people who won’t just give negative comments or troll people and put them down intensionally without reason.

Let us have a look at its advantages and disadvantages:

Twitter Advantages

  • Reach a wide audience: Twitter can be used by millions of users that can be the best stage to reach customers. The interested audience for a particular topic can be reached out quickly. Direct interaction with others is easier on this platform through hashtags(#) we can directly approach the targeted audience.
  • Marketing tool: Due to its wide audience it is easy to endorse any product to targeted customers. Recruiting services, business consultancy, and retail stores are all sorts of advertisements that are possible on this platform. For celebrities, it becomes easy to interact with their fans and also helps to endorse various products directly to them.
  • Free of cost: Joining Twitter is free of cost and makes the audience join without any loss but as they join the interesting tweets make them come here for sure. No other fees or charges are included to stay on the site but if they want they can earn by using this media.
  • Beneficial for information: Twitter is a mix of blogging, messaging, and putting feedback. All the information and facts can be shared not only with family and friends but with a community or to the whole nation. It can make a person become a self journalist or can give feedback and help others to improve. Whereas Twitter is the best stage for any government official or business stream to share a piece of information because of its wide audience the information can be reached out easily.

Using Twitter can have some disadvantages too.

Twitter Disadvantages

Let us discuss all the disadvantages of Twitter here:

  • Post maintenance: It becomes a necessity to maintain a presence on Twitter so that one can continue the connection with the audience. It requires skills and training to maintain an account on Twitter and most important is the time commitment which is important to stay connected with the targeted customers. Tweets must be done at the right time when the maximum audience is online can help to reach more on the site.
  • Spam accounts: we must beware of some spam accounts because this can cause harm to your Twitter account or maybe also can hack it and misuse it.
  • Negative comments: As there are so many audiences with their own thoughts and facts then it becomes difficult to avoid trolls or negative comments. On business services, customers can directly complain which can affect the product branding.  Especially For celebrities also it is difficult to cope with trolls and negative remarks, as it is easy to target a person publicly.
  • Character limitation: Twitter allows only 280 characters per tweet so it becomes difficult for the user to tweet in limited characters. For a better approach, users should know how to tweet in a better and more effective way.

Twitter Advantages and Disadvantages 1

Comparison Table for Advantages and Disadvantages of Twitter

Advantages of Twitter Disadvantages of Twitter
Can be reached to a wide audienceDeal with negative comments or trolling
Used as marketing tools for advertisementPost maintenance is required to sustain
Creating an account is freeCharacter limitations make it a little tricky to post brevity
Easy to use and handle an accountWe must be beware of spam account
Celebrities can directly reach their fansCelebrities are easy to be targeted by trollers
Beneficial on sharing facts and giving or receiving feedbacksCan be addictive

Twitter Advantages and Disadvantages 2

FAQs on Pros and Cons of Twitter

Question 1.
What is Twitter? How is it used?

Twitter is a social media site that connects a wide range of audiences with tweets. We can do messaging, blogging, and also marketing through this.

To use this we have to create an account that is free to sign up and after adding a user name password, it is free to Tweet with any piece of information.

Question 2.
What are its disadvantages?

Firstly post-maintenance is compulsory to maintain an account effectively, secondly we have to be ready to deal with negative comments as it is an open stage for comments and feedback.

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