Movement Of Fish In Water

Movement of Fish in Water Fish are vertebrates. All vertebrates have an internal skeleton made up of bones; a tough, elastic substance called cartilage; or both. Most fish have a streamlined body – the head and the tail are narrow; the middle portion of the body is broader. This kind of shape offers least resistance … Read more

How Does A Cockroach Move

Movement In Cockroach A cockroach’s body is covered with a hard outer skeleton. Cockroaches have a pair of antennae that help them smell things. They also have a pair of cerci that can detect the slightest of movements and warn them of any danger from behind. Though cockroaches have two pairs of wings, they can … Read more

How Do Snakes Move

Movement in Snakes Snakes do not have limbs (legs, arms, or wings). They move by crawling on their bellies. They have scales, which cover their bodies and help them to crawl. Most snakes move in a wave-like manner. Their flexible backbones help them in this movement. The body curves like a wave. The wave-like motion … Read more