Equations Of Motion For Freely Falling Object

Equations Of Motion For Freely Falling Object  Since the freely falling bodies fall with uniformly accelerated motion, the three equations of motion derived earlier for bodies under uniform acceleration can be applied to the motion of freely falling bodies. For freely falling bodies, the acceleration due to gravity is ‘g’, so we replace the acceleration … Read more

What Is Earth’s Gravitational Force

Earth’s Gravitational Force The force which earth exerts on a body is called ‘force of gravity’. i.e. Where M = mass of the earth, R = radius of the earth. Due to this force, a body released from some height on the earth’s surface falls towards the earth with its velocity increasing at a constant … Read more

What Is Newton’s Law Of Universal Gravitation

Newton’s Law Of Universal Gravitation Any two particles in the universe attract each other. This force is called the force of gravitation. This concept was given by Newton. According to newton, “Any two bodies in universe attract each other with a force directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the … Read more