Structure and Function of the Nephron

Structure and Function of the Nephron

Structure of Nephron

Each nephron consists of a round malpighian body formed by Bowman’s capsule filled with capillary net work afferent and efferent arterioles. Afferent means incoming, Efferent means outgoing called Glomerulus or Malpighian corpuscles.  The malpighian tubule is divided into 3 parts forming a shaped convoluted tubule.

(A) The proximal tubule – Nearest Bowman’s capsule.
(B) Henle loop – It is a ‘U’ shape thin tube like structure.
(C) Distal tubule – Join collecting tuble.

Structure and Function of the Nephron 1

The ascending limb of Henle’s loop again gives second convoluted tubule opening into collecting tubule and finally into lager tubule known as duct of   Bellini, which opens into the pelvis of ureter at the apex of renal pyramids.  The entire kidney tubule is surrounded by blood capillaries called vasa recta.

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