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Role of Youth In Nation Building: The role of youth in nation building is significant; this is due to the fact that the development of the nation lies in future generations. Everything, from the economy and environment to health, medicine, and technology, lies in the hands of the youth. We face many problems in today’s world – such as global warming and pollution. The answers to all these problems lie with the next generation.

Something which our fathers and forefathers were unable to do, the youths of tomorrow will begin anew. A great example of this is the technological progress that we have achieved. For instance, the Wright Brothers invented the first-ever plane, and 66 years later, humans landed on the moon for the very first time in history. So, in our time, humans may travel to Mars or beyond. Therefore, the role of youth in nation building is immeasurable. Read on to explore sample essays on the role of youth in nation-building.

Role of Youth In Nation Building – Essay Tips and Tricks

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  • Include an introductory paragraph stating the background of the topic.
  • Mention important names, facts, and numbers where possible.
  • Eliminate the use of jargons, unless it is required.
  • Present content in digestible chunks – shorter the paragraph, the better it is to read.
  • Use points to wherever possible.
  • Cross-check essay for grammar and spelling.
  • End the essay with a concluding line/ paragraph.

Role of Youth In Nation Building – Sample 1 (350+ Words)

A country’s greatest asset is its youth. They are the future of tomorrow and represent the very best in the country. Youths, when moulded and guided in the right path, are like an investment.

Role of Youth In Nation Building Introduction

They will become responsible citizens that contribute to the development of the nation. This notion has been observed since ages immemorial; today, there are countless programs that support the development of youth in every way – from merit scholarships to financial aid for accomplished sportsmen and sportswomen. These programs ensure that the youth of today are ready for the country’s future tomorrow.

The Role of Youth in Nation

Ancient cultures and practices have been accumulating over thousands of years into present-day India. And though many practices have been outlawed or deemed barbaric, we still need to reform ourselves. This reformation will happen only when the youth of tomorrow steps forth and walk the path of change. The nation will drastically improve, transforming into the country that the previous generations have envisioned for years.

Moreover, progress in any field, be it science or sport, will be achieved by the youth. This is true because the youth of today have culminated decades of knowledge, perfecting it to its full potential. The atom was used to destroy cities in the past, but today; it is helping cities grow and support its people. However, to achieve these feats, the youth must be empowered.

Empowering the Youth

To maximize the potential of the youth, they must be given all the support they need. Moreover, talent in most parts of the country may be repressed by poverty and social inequality. Combating these handicaps and obstructions is the only way the youths can rise to their full potential. The Government of India has employed many strategies to overcome these obstructions for talented youths.

Scholarships and financial aids for education are some of the most effective ways to ensure that students receive their education. Individuals with economically weaker sections of the society are given a chance to overcome their burdens and focus on their education. Moreover, from a societal perspective, providing education is one of the most effective ways of combating poverty and unemployment.

In conclusion, the role of youth in nation building is tremendous. Providing assistance and eliminating any hindrance that may hamper the development of tomorrow’s society is crucial.

Role of Youth In Nation Building – Sample 2 (250+ Words)

The next generation of individuals will have the knowledge of their predecessors. The youths also have the added advantage of new and emerging concepts. For instance, not much was known about the power of the atom when Marie Curie discovered radium in 1898. But with the Second World War, the true potential of the atom was unleashed upon the world, with the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Though the progress in the example stated above culminated in a malevolent use of technology, it is not always the case. Nuclear energy is the cleanest and the most efficient source of energy compared to others like coal and petroleum. Hence, nuclear reactors are emerging in many developed and developing countries as an alternative source of energy.

Medical progress is also the result of many cumulative technological signs of progress over the years. Young doctors and scientists are the keys to unlocking the full potential of the human body. Just over 50 years ago, the first-ever successful human heart transplant took place. We wouldn’t be surprised if immortality or other techniques prolonging human life is discovered now.

There have been instances where meaningless ideologies blinded humans. Such ignorance occurs with blind faith and questionable morals. The youths of today are advised not to follow such a path, that may lead them and their nation to destruction. Learn to live and let live; looking at the bigger picture, the earth is an insignificantly tiny spec among the stars. Hence, try to do the right things, because all actions, even the insurmountable ones, will be forgotten.

FAQ’s on Role of Youth In Nation Building

Question 1.
How does the youth help in nation-building?

The youth are the future of tomorrow. The entire society and the nation depend on the youth to bring change that will improve all aspects of the country – some of the most important being the economy and employment.

Question 2.
How can we help the youth?

The youth of today may face many problems such as financial crisis, social inequality and more. Tackling these problems is a sure-fire way to help the youth.

Question 3.
How to write an effective essay?

Focus on the content; ensure that there is substance in the content that will engage the reader. Moreover, incorporate important names, dates or other events that may add credibility to your essay. And try to split the essay up into digestible paragraphs. Following these tips will help you write the perfect essay.

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