SPM Physics Form 5 Syllabus

SPM Physics Form 5 Syllabus

Physics Form 5 Chapter 1 Waves

1.1 Understanding Waves
1.2 Analysing Reflection of Waves
1.3 Analysing Refraction of Waves
1.4 Analysing Diffraction of Waves
1.5 Analysing Interference of Waves
1.6 Analysing Sound Waves
1.7 Analysing Electromagnetic Waves

Physics Form 5 Chapter 2 Electricity

2.1 Analysing Electric Fields and Charge Flow
2.2 Analysing the Relationship between Electric Current and Potential Difference
2.3 Analysing Series and Parallel Circuits
2.4 Analysing Electromotive Force and Internal Resistance
2.5 Analysing Electrical Energy and Power

Physics Form 5 Chapter 3 Electromagnetism

3.1 Analysing the Magnetic Effect of a Current-carrying Conductor
3.2 Understanding the Force on a Current-carrying Conductor in a Magnetic Field
3.3 Analysing Electromagnetic Induction
3.4 Analysing Transformers
3.5 Understanding the Generation and Transmission of Electricity

Physics Form 5 Chapter 4 Electronics

4.1 Understanding the Uses of the Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
4.2 Understanding Semiconductor Diodes
4.3 Understanding Transistors
4.4 Analysing Logic Gates

Physics Form 5 Chapter 5 Radioactivity

5.1 Understanding the Nucleus of an Atom
5.2 Analysing Radioactive Decay
5.3 Understanding the Uses of Radioisotopes
5.4 Understanding Nuclear Energy
5.5 Realising the Importance of Proper Management of Radioactive Substances

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