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My Dream Vacation Essay: In our daily lives, we are often trapped in routine ways of doing things. Almost all of us want to take a break and spend a vacation at a place away from cities, preferably close to nature. It’s an ideal place away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and the stress that goes along with it. The ideas of the dream vacation can vary from one person to another as per their choice and perception of a perfect place for vacation.

Some dream about relaxing on a warm, sunny beach within soft ocean breezes. Some think of viewing snow-capped mountains while enjoying a trek and some may look for forests and wildlife. Such dreams about vacation trips are related to many aspects of our lives and experiences. Vacation dreams represent the desire to go on a trip to get a much-needed break from the daily routine.

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Long Essay on My Dream Vacation

The place for my dream vacation

Everyone has a dream place to spend a vacation with family and friends. Many of them are fortunate enough to get the chance to fulfill their desire. In this regard, I also have a dream of spending time in a place to get a feel about the environment, people, and culture of that place. I love mountains, especially the Himalayas. I would like to spend my dream vacation at a place where I can experience the beauty of the Himalayas and breathe some fresh air free from pollution while traveling along the tracks amidst flora and fauna.

For me, an ideal place for vacation is Pelling situated in Sikkim, India. It is a popular place for its natural scenic beauty and rich cultural heritage. From enjoying the beauty of mountains, lakes, and waterfalls to exploring the secrets of historical ruins, there are plenty of attractions that make it an ideal place for vacation. When I am looking for places to relax and rejuvenate, Pelling comes at top of my priority list.

Nature at its best

Pelling is a beautiful town located in the hills of the west district of Sikkim. The main attraction of the place is the breathtaking sight of the Kanchenjunga and the other peaks of the Himalayas. Pelling is my favorite hill station with a charm of its own. It offers a perfect break from a fanatic work schedule and makes me relax within the ocean of beauty and calmness. Pelling is a natural splendor with its magnificence and beauty.

The place enchants me with its fresh biospheres, great waterfalls, and shimmering lakes. I prefer spending my vacation in Pelling during the winters. This time of the year is a great season to witness the beauty of Pelling as the place remains covered with fresh snowfall which gives a feel like being in paradise. I highly recommend Pelling as a perfect holiday destination to relax with short tours in nature and the countryside.

The place and people

The view of the Kanchenjunga waterfall amidst the thick woody surroundings creates a sheer beauty. During the stay, a must-visit is the scenic Khecheopalri Lake, which has a lush backdrop of forest and hills. The lake holds special significance as it was known to be a wish-fulfilling lake. At the outskirts of Pelling, there is Darap Village with inhabitants from Limboo tribes. This place offers an opportunity to get acquainted with the original Sikkimese culture and the simple lifestyle of people. A walk through the village in the lap of nature will surely freshen up the body and mind. Staying in homestays will give a chance to enjoy the hospitality of local people along with getting a taste of authentic cuisines. All these are supplemented by nature exploration, bird-watching, hiking, and enjoying a unique experience of the village life here.

The Ancient and modern structures 

A visit to the Rabdentse Ruins is another experience by itself. Spread across the hilltop, the ruins of the palace are surrounded by thick deciduous forests. A short walk to the top will bring a panoramic view of the valley and the mighty Kanchenjunga range. To spend some time with me, I must visit the Pemayangtse Monastery, a peaceful sanctum providing the perfect atmosphere for meditation and solitude. Another thrilling experience is walking on Pelling Skywalk which is a long bridge with glass floors.

Taste of local cuisines and culture

My special interest in spending vacation is exploring the taste of local cuisine. I know that the local cuisine of Sikkim is influenced by Tibetan and Nepali cuisine. I really can’t wait to have a taste of unique dishes like Thukpa, Momo, Churpi, Sel Roti, Kinema, Gundruk, and other delicious delicacies. A vacation is not complete without purchasing local products and mementos. Sikkim is famous for a variety of handicrafts and locally produced items that are unique to the place. I will find time to visit the local markets of Pelling and pick up handmade gifts and souvenirs like woven bamboo articles, colorful woolen scarves, Tibetan ornaments, and accessories. I will also fill my bag with spices like black cardamom, enjoy a cup of tea, and eat walnuts before going back to my city bidding goodbye to Pelling.

Essay on My Dream Vacation

Short Essay on My Dream Vacation

Vacation gives a break

A vacation is a much-needed break from daily routine activities and a busy schedule. All of us want to escape for at least a few days from this mundane routine life and enjoy some quality time with family and near ones, in a relaxed mood. A vacation trip to a place of interest gives a soulful satisfaction and refreshes our minds. Everyone has some idea about what his/her dream vacation should be like. In most cases, it necessarily is a trip to a place away from the city which is unaffected by the hazards of day-to-day life. The main focus is to make the mind free from stress and the burden of work commitment. A vacation is a time to relax and rejuvenate after a stressful work schedule.

Being with the nature

Some may think of their dream vacations in luxurious holiday destinations with top-class facilities but I would prefer to spend my vacation in a place with optimum amenities and natural surroundings. It may be a hill station, forest, or seaside location with a touch of serenity and beauty. My dream vacation would be in the hilly regions of the Himalayas where I can enjoy the weather and the places while being in the midst of nature. The experience of breathing fresh air, looking at the clear sky, waking up by the chirping of birds, and exploring the flora and fauna will bring my dream into reality.

FAQ’s on My Dream Vacation Essay

Question 1.
What is a dream vacation?

A dream vacation is an ideal way of spending quality time in a relaxed mood, preferably at a location close to nature, not affected by the monotony of busy life.

Question 2.
Is it worth spending much on a dream vacation?

People often feel it’s worth spending in return for the experience they get being in the dream destination.

Question 3.
Why are the Himalayas a good choice for an ideal vacation trip?

The diversity and freshness of nature in the Himalayas help to relax the mind that is much needed for a vacation.

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