My Aim In Life Essay | Essay on My Aim In Life for Students and Children in English

My Aim In Life Essay: An aimless person is like a ship that has lost its control over the sea. The Aim is defined as a strong will to achieve something. Every person must have a well-defined objective in life. It helps a person to understand the direction of his/her career.

Every person has a set of goals in life that they want to reach. To achieve their goal, that person needs to work hard, and aims/goals help a person attain his value in society. A person’s surroundings inspire an aim or purpose. Choosing the right goal directs the person on the right path. Therefore, setting an aim and working hard to achieve it is very important for a successful life.

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Long and Short Essays on My Aim In Life in English for Students and Kids

Given below are two essays- a Long, descriptive Essay and a Short, brief Essay. The extended essay on My Aim in life consists of 400-500 words. The Long essay is a guideline that helps students with assignments and exams. The short essay on My Aim in life contains 150-200 words and guides children and kids with their classwork.

Long Essay On My Aim in Life 500 Words in English

The below-mentioned long essay on my aim is for pupils aspiring for competitive exam and those belonging to classes 6,7,8,9, and 10, respectively. The essay guides the students with their class assignments, comprehension tasks, and even for competitive examinations.

An aim is a goal or purpose in life—a person when young dreams to become an astronaut, or dancer, or actor. Aim helps you try, or aspire to achieve it. The primary step to achieving your goals is setting the right purpose; then, break your goal into small sections and prepare a timeline to make them. However, to achieve your goals, you must overcome challenges and obstacles at every time interval.

An aimless person cannot attain his life goals and stumbles on his way through life. Every person must have a definite aim. It gives meaning or purpose in a person’s life. A purpose in life provides a person with joy and happiness and sets an example for others to live life in the best possible manner.

Different individuals have different aims in life. Some people may aim to become a lawyer and provide just and accurate to the helpless, while the others may strive to become a teacher and help society. Aim differs from person to people according to their perception or inclination in life.

Steps to achieve an aim

To reach your goals, you need to remember some non-avoidable points that aid your success. A person with eagerness to achieve his intentions must be proactive, and well-balanced, embrace failure, stay positive, keep track of his goals, and tell everyone with confidence.

The Individual must avoid negativity, seek guidance from others, visualize the result of her goals, and be open to feedback and reset your goal.

My Aim in Life

Education is a booming sector that gives a person the power to change the world. A teacher is a potter that makes molds individuals throughout their life. According to Willian Arthur Ward, the unexceptional teacher teaches his/her students, a good teacher explains thoroughly, a superior teacher performs demonstrations, while the most excellent teacher inspires young minds.

My Aim in life is to become a teacher and inspires young minds. I sometimes wonder why do I aspire to become a teacher, and the choice emanated from a series of life experiences. I aim to become part of this honorable profession, and to one, to inspire the students.

A teacher holds the capability to change the desired needs of the world and improve it. They influence some aspects of a student’s life. They can make or mar a student’s life through their teaching. I aim to attain both personal and professional restitution as my Aim as a teacher.

My goal as a teacher is to drive and influence every student to achieve a better place in life and leave them knowledgeable enough to survive through the challenging world. I aim to involve every growing student and influence them to uplift the needful and contribute to society’s upliftment.

In short, having an aim helps the person grow and reach success. It is essential to set a goal and timely execute with a positive mind to achieve success.

Long Essay On My Aim in Life

Short Essay on My Aim in Life 200 Words in English

The short essay on my aim mentioned below is for kids and children of classes 1,2,3,4,5 and 6. The essay helps children with their assignments, comprehension exercises, and school events.

Every individual needs to have an aim in life. A target helps them achieve their dreams and goals an gives them recognition. People who do not plan their careers have no purpose in life. An aimless person is like a building without pillars. They complain, get tossed, and often blame their fate.

Every Individual has different aims. While some people aspire to become lawyers, some want to become a doctor. Some sim to become an actor based on their favorite actor, while some might be influenced to become a teacher.

People adopt their aims according to their surroundings. We should be very cautious when deciding our Aim- some goals are reasonable, while some mislead you. A person may face obstacles and challenges, but he/she should not give up, but try till they reach success.

My Aim in life is to become a doctor and provide free check-ups for those who cannot afford them. I know its a tough purpose, but to make it happen, I need to work hard to attain success. My most significant achievement as a doctor is to build a free medical facility at the village to provide free medical schemes to villagers.

Thus, having an aim helps you stay focused and achieve your goals. A proper plan, positive attitude, and execution of Aim will help you reach success.

10 Lines about My Aim in Life Essay in English

  1. The Aim is a target or purpose that every person has in life. It directs a person and motivates them to achieve them.
  2. Every Individual must set well-defined objectives to achieve in life. It helps them to understand the career path and motivates them to move forward.
  3. A goal in life gives a person enough joy and happiness and sets a leading example for others to live life in the best possible manner.
  4. To achieve your goals, you need to set the right purpose and break them into small sections and prepare a timeline to make them.
  5. A person with a thirst to achieve must be proactive, embrace failure, be well-balanced, and tell people about their goals with confidence. Stay positive and keep track of your goals.
  6. Avoid all negativity around you, seek guidance when needed from others, be open to feedback and criticisms, and reset your goal.
  7. My Aim in life is to become a teacher as I consider it as the noblest of all the professions. A teacher serves his/her society and country in the best possible way.
  8. As my goal, I wish to impart the right education and inculcate refined qualities among young minds and make them the torch-bearers of the country.
  9. I wish to create a family atmosphere for the students in the school and teach my students as Gurus of ancient times.
  10. The best way to stay motivated and focused is by visualizing your achievement and working hard to reach your goal.

10 Lines about My Aim in Life

FAQ’s on My Aim in Life Essay

Question 1.
What is the Aim? Give an example?

An aim is a purpose of direction that guides you to achieve your goals in life. An example of Aim is the will to save money enough to buy a car or a house.

Question 2.
Why is Aim highly relevant?

The Aim in life is crucial as it guides us to our goals and helps us achieve them. To become successful, we need Aim; we need to work hard, have the right attitude to reach happiness and goals.

Question 3.
How can a person achieve Aim in life?

A person must be proactive, embrace failure, stay positive, be well-balanced, and keep track of their goals. The Individual must tell others with confidence, avoid negative surroundings, seek guidance from elders, and be open to criticisms and reset your goal if wrong.

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