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Mahabharata War: One of the biggest epics that consist of a hundred thousand verses divided into eighteen books is Mahabharata. Although Rishi Ved Vyas is considered to have written the epic, scholars suggest that a single person can’t write such a great work. Hopkins suggests that Mahabharat might be a result of generations of composition and not by a single man. Mahabharata is different from Ramayana and is a story of a war between the Kauravas and the Pandavas.

Mahabharata is also known as the Kurukshetra war as it took place in the Kurukshetra, and almost every Indian King took part in the battle. Matsya, Kashi, Chedi, Koshala, Koshala, Yadus of Mathura, and Magadha are allies with the Pandavas. On the contrary, the supporters of Kauravas were the Sanviras, Madras, Yavanas, Mahishmati, Sokas, Andras, Sindhus, Bhojas, Pragjyotish, Kambojas, and Avanti.

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Hastinapur was land between Ganga and Yamun river and was ruled by King Shantanu of the Lunar Dynasty. Yichitravirya and Bhisma we’re two of his sons from different queens. Bhisma sacrificed his kingship for the welfare of his father and the entire kingdom, which led to Yichitravirya becoming the King. Finally, there came two other successors to rule the throne of Hastinapur, Dhritrashtra, and Pandu. Pandu became the KingKingof Hastinapur as Dhritarashtra was blind since birth. The Pandavas were the five sons of Pandu, while Dhritarashtra had a hundred sons known as Kurus. However, Pandu faced death early, giving Dhritarashtra the throne.

Mahabharata War Between Kaurvas and Pandavas

Dhritarashtra was a good ruler and took care of his nephews and gave them proper education. However, Duryodhan, the eldest son among the kurus, was jealous and conspired against the Pandavas to finally deport them out of the kingdom. However, the Pandavas found Indraprastha, a new capital near Delhi.

Arjun won the princess of Panchal, Draupadi, in her swayamvar, who became the wife of all his brothers under a circumstance. Meanwhile, Duryodhan invited the Pandavas to play dice with them to his kingdom, where Yudhisthir lost everything in the game along with his wife Panchali, who was insulted and assaulted in front of the entire kingdom as her clothes were taken away. However, Lord Krishna gave her enough clothes to save her reputation. Later, the Pandavas were sent to exile for thirteen years.

After thirteen years, Pandavas claimed back their kingdom. Since Duryodhan refused to do so, it resulted in the eighteen days battle of Mahabharata. Arjun hesitated to fight against his people, but Lord Krishna taught him the divine message about Dharma. Finally, Yudhistir became the Kingof Hastinapur, followed by Parikshit, the grandson of Arjun.

How Many Times And Why Did Lord Krishna Show Vishwaroopa In Mahabharata?

Before Mahabharata’s battle began, Arjun, one of the Pandavas, was tired of fighting his people. He questioned the purpose and value of the war. He never backed out from his fights, but the battle against his family crushed his confidence. To show Arjun the purpose of Mahabharat and acknowledge him with the divine truth, he showed his Vishwarupa. Krishna rise to heaven to answer his queries.

18 Days of Mahabharata War

What Elements Are Involved Behind The Succession Of Arjun Becoming The Master Of Sleep In Mahabharata?

Arjun was named “Gudakesha,” meaning Nidrajeet. Arjuna was known as someone who can contribute to sleep. The elements of achieving that are that Arjun doesn’t necessarily require sleep; he may or may not choose to sleep. He is said to take only power naps in his life. He does not sleep without achieving what he sets his eyes on. He can defeat sleep because he is always alert.

Sleep is said to be the highest form of Maya in our lives, and it is a form of satvic sadhana. Arjun was able to master sleep by devoting his energy to Krishna and Adi Maya Shakti’s main gods.

What Help Did Duryodhan Ask For To Krishna Before The Battle Of Mahabharat Began?

Before the Mahabharata war began, both the brothers, Arjun and Duryodhan asked for help from Krishna. when Krishna was asleep, Duryodhan came to him and sat on a couch near him. Soon after, Arjun came to Krishna and watching him sleep; he stood in front of his feet. when Krishna woke up he greeted Arjuna as he could see him first. Duryodhana was upset as he granted Arjuns wish first because he was the first to come to Krishna. However, later Arjun gave him the huge Narayani Sena for Duryodhan.

Before The War Started, Who Was Tricked By Duryodhan To Join Their Side.

Shayla was the brother of Madri, who was mother to Sahadev and Nakul, the Pandava brothers. He set off from the Madra kingdom to help the Pandavas. However, when he arrived in Kurukshetra, Shalya was shocked as Duryodhan explained how he served him and forced him to return his services by taking his side in the battle.

Why Was Barbareeck, The Grandson Of Bheema, Unable To Take Part In The Great Battle?

Goddess Kamakhya granted three arrows for his great performance in battles. Krishna was the primary guide to Barbareeck. His powerful arrows could kill all enemies at his sight with a single shot. Since the Pandavas and kurus had an oath, if Barbareeck participated for the Pandavas, there was a possibility that a large portion of Kauravas would wipe out, and he would have to join them. Therefore, Krishna asked for the head of Barbareeck as Guru Dakshina. Today, Barbareeck is worshipped as an avatar of Lord Krishna in Rajasthan.
Mahabharata War - Kurukshetra War

In Ekachakra, Which Rakshas Was Killed?

In Ekachakra, Bhim killed Bakasura rakshas. When the Pandavas took shelter in the poor Brahmin house. Bakasura lived on the outskirts of the city. Bakasura agreed with the villagers to send him a cart loaded with food and a human to eat every week. Bheem took the place of the human and killed the rakshas.

Who Granted A Kunti The Blessing Of A Son From Any God Whenever She Wants?

Although with low stature, Rishi Durvasa had great knowledge. The Rishi was a short-tempered man, and since Kunti was a great devotee of his, he granted him the wish to get a son from any of the devas.

Name the Wife of Duryodhan

Satiratha was the wife of Duryodhan, who was also known as Bhanumati in Mahabharata. She resembles the model of an ideal wife who can sacrifice anything for her husband’s happiness.

Bheeshma Was Killed In The Battle, But Who Shot Him The First Arrow?

People often confuse Arjun to kill Bhishma. However, according to destiny, Shikhandi was supposed to kill Bhishma. He shot the first arrow to Bhishma. Later, Arjun shot the rest of the hands to kill him.

How Many Warriors Did Bhisma Kill Every Day Of The War?

Before Mahabharata began, Bhishma promised Duryadhan to kill around ten thousand warriors and soldiers from the Pandava side and wouldn’t kill any of the Pandavas. It is seen that Bhishma was a great warrior and unbeatable with a bow and quiver filled with arrows in his hand.

Mahabharata War History

What Was The Name Of Karna Given By His Foster Parents?

Kunti was granted a wish by Rishi Durvasa to have a son from any God she wants. Karna was the son of Sun and Kunti. Kunti playfully tried the mantra granted to her by Rishi Durvasa when she was unmarried. Karna was born, and without realizing what to do next, she placed in a box made of wood and float him on a river. Adhiratha was a charioteer who found Karna bad called him Radheya, which means the son of Radha. Radha was the foster mother to Karna.

Who was Ashvathama?

Drones son was Ashvathama, who was immortal. However, an elephant in the battleground named Ashvathama, Bheema slew, then ran around the battlefield, claiming that he killed him. When Drona heard the news of the death of Ashvathama, he confronted Yudhistir if it was true, and he said it was true. However, he also mentioned he did not know if it was an elephant or a human. In deep grief, Drona did not hear the last words and started to meditate. He was getting the opportunity, Dhristadyumna slew Drona.

Which Animal Accompanies Yudhistir To Summit The Himalayas?

The Pandavas were climbing the Himalayan mountains. A dog accompanied Yudhishthira along the way, and when they finally reached the summit, Indra came to take the dog and Yudishtir with him. He also refused to go to heaven without the dog. The dog showed its true form as the God of Death, Yama. Finally, all the Pandavas and Yudishthir went to heaven.

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