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Kalinga War: Odisha History has a significant Sheet Anchor that is called Kalinga War. This war states the end of empire-building under Maurya King Ashoka. It is the mark of the deadliest war ever fought in India, which took over 3,00,000 lives. It is a sign of conflict between the Kalinga Kingdom and the Maurya Empire under the rule of Ashoka. Kalinga was a feudal kingdom spread across the east coast of India, which took Odisha state.

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Under the rule of Ashoka, this was the major war fought after he gained power over the throne. It is a story of Dhauli hills on the banks of river Daya. In those times, Kalinga was an independent state which did not have any king to rule over. After this war took place, the process of military conquests and empire building came to an end. As a result, it brought ruler Ashoka to adopt Buddhism in the end.

  • When did the Kalinga War take place?
  • Where did the Kalinga War take place?
  • Who took over Kalinga?
  • How many lives did it cost in the Kalinga War?
  • Why did the Mauryan Empire want to take over Kalinga?
  • A detailed history of Kalinga
  • When Ashoka thought of the right time to fight for Kalinga?
  • What were the after-results of the Kalinga Battle?
  • Why did Ashoka adopt a peaceful end to the Maurya Empire?
  • Give some important facts about the Kalinga War.

When did the Kalinga War take place?

The battle of Kalinga was fought between an independent state Kalinga and the Maurya Empire, back in 261 BCE on the banks of the Daya River and northern parts of Andhra Pradesh. The reason why rulers wanted to take over Kalinga was good trade routes with Southeast Asia. But none knows it would take a huge number of lives and cause big destruction for Kalinga.

Kalinga War - Between Kalinga and Maurya Empire

Where Did the Kalinga War Take Place?

The deadliest war in India- Kalinga War, was fought between Maurya Empire and the independent state Kalinga on Dhauli Hills. Dhauli Hills located on the banks of river Dhaka, which is now in Odisha and the northern parts of Andhra Pradesh.

Who Won the Kalinga Battle?

After his grandfather’s death, Ashoka aimed to win over Kalinga after successfully establishing his throne. Thus Ashoka won this war in 261 BC after he completed eight years of rule. However, the final results lead to a big change in Ashoka’s life. This bloodiest war of Kalinga was fought in the Indian subcontinent which brought devastating consequences for India.

How Many People Cost Their Lives In The Deadliest Kalinga Battle?

Kalinga is one of the largest and deadliest wars that took place within India. It has written a great Odisha history in wars. Kalinga was an Independent state in India during Maurya times. However, Kalinga was a strategy for his empire. Hence it cost more than 3,00,000 lives in the battle. 1,50,000 lives from Ashoka’s empire and the same number from the people of Kalinga.

Why did Ashoka Fight To Win Over Kalinga?

Ashoka’s grandfather Chandragupta Maurya always aimed to win over Kalinga, which was an independent state in India. It was because everyone wanted to take over for political and economic reasons. Thus as soon as Ashoka felt he had successfully established his throne, he planned to fight against Kalinga.

Ashoka Kalinga War

Explain Complete History Of The Kalinga Battle?

Kalinga falls as the most prosperous region in India. The people were highly skilled and wanted to live a peaceful life independently. However, this was the only reason why different rulers wanted to take over the state. Ashoka’s grandfather Chandragupta Maurya was planning to rule over Kalinga for good business trade and other political reasons.

Today Kalinga has set a great historical landmark for Odisha state, leaving some permanent legacies. Before this, Kalinga was under the rule of the Nanda empire till 321 BCE. Later, Chandragupta tried to take over the area but failed. Hence Ashoka decided to win over Kalinga against state rule and establish his Mauryan empire. He thought Kalinga being independent could be a threat to the Mauryan empire. However, as a consequence, Ashoka had to adopt Buddhism to live his rest of the life peacefully and planned not to extend his empire further. He thought it was his mistake that has led to the destruction of lakhs of lives.

When Did Ashoka Fight the Kalinga War?

The 8th year of coronation for Ashoka is 261 BC when he has won over Kalinga. People of the state were freedom lovers and stood against Mauryans but could not resist them to take over.

What Were The Consequences After The War Ended?

Ashoka finally took over Kalinga state in 261 BC and fulfilled his grandfather Chandragupta Maurya’s desire to conquer the state. However, as a result, the war cost 3,00,000 lives, half from Ashoka’s empire and an equal number from the people. Thus it took a tremendous toll on lives and caused huge destruction to the property. This destruction did not even leave a single person to live their lives peacefully. Hence stern heart Ashoka’s heart melted over this loss. Eventually, he adopted Buddhism and thought not to extend his empire and peacefully live the rest of his life.

History of Kalinga War

What Made Ashoka Adopt Peaceful Life After The Kalinga War?

At the site of Dhauli, on the banks of the Daka river, the Kalinga war took place. The war is unforgettable for the Indian history that brought a bloody outcome. Ashoka thought that he was the reason for such destruction in the state. The entire Daka turned red with the blood of the dead ones. Thus, as a result, Ashoka’s heart melted for the place, and he finally turned in Dhamma and path. Mauryans administration was run under governance.

Also, people believe that after the war, a woman came to Ashoka saying that it took her father, son, and husband from her. She has no more reasons to live now. Those words took Ashoka’s mind and he prepared himself to live peacefully for the rest of his life.

What are the Different Facts About the Kalinga War?

  • In 261 BC, the final Kalinga War was fought by Ashoka against the independent state Kalinga state.
  • Today Kalinga state is the Odisha state of India.
  • Bindusara, the father of Ashoka, got defeated many times while conquering Kalinga.
  • It was the 8th year of the reign of Ashoka when the war finally ended.
  • During the time of war, the owner of state Kalinga was Raja Anantha Padmanabhan.
  • Raja Anantha Padmanabhan disagreed with the complete proposal of Kalinga in the hands of the Mauryan Empire. Thus Ashoka sent his big army to Kalinga and win over it.
  • The brave people of Kalinga loved to live an independent and peaceful life. Thus they fiercely fought against the Mauryan Empire army.
  • The war eventually cost 3,00,000 lives, half from Ashoka’s empire and a half from Kalinga state.
  • After the Kalinga War, the results were very fierce such that River Daya turned completely red with the bloodshed of lakhs of people.
  • The after-results of the Kalinga war melted the heart of Ashoka. Eventually, he took over the place and lived the next 40 years peacefully without expanding his empire.
  • Also, it is said that a woman from Kalinga after the war came to Ashoka for taking his husband’s, father’s, and son’s life. Thus she has no reason to live then. These words took Ashoka’s mind to peace and kindness. He started believing in Ahimsa.
  • Ashoka finally turned his mind and ended expanding his military.
  • Ashoka adopted Buddhism and later adopted life for Ahimsa and Dharma-Vijay.
  • After that, Ashoka led his next 40 years and tried to spread non-violence to other parts including Srilanka, Greece,  Macedonia, and Syria.

Major Kalinga War Movies

List of Movies and Dramas on Kalinga War

There are two movies made for memorizing the battle of Kalinga. These are:

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