How to write Vigyapan in Hindi Class 10?

Advertisement is an intrinsic part of our daily lives. It is so important today that it is also asked in class X Hindi exams in the CBSE board. In your exam, you are asked to write an advertisement on the given topic. To score full marks, one must be aware of the proper structure of writing an advertisement and must pay attention to the language as well.

The question paper of Class 10 Hindi is divided into four sections. Section A is of 10 marks which checks your reading and comprehension skills. Section B is of 16 marks and includes questions from your grammar portion. Section C is of 34 marks and contains questions from literature. Section D which is of 20 marks checks your writing skills.

But before we proceed you must know what is an advertisement? 

An advertisement is an announcement made in public to promote/publicize a product or service/ vacancy or job.

Students are asked to write advertisements in section D or Khand Gha (खण्ड घ) in Hindi in more than 25-50 words. The question carries 5 marks.

While anyone can write an advertisement, but it takes skills to engage the audience through a compelling piece.

There are a variety of advertisements, depending upon their types and the industry. However, the advertisements are broadly classified into two:

  1. Classified

  2. Commercial

Classified ads are the ones that are issued by the masses to promote services. The main aim is to arrest the attention of the public with the use of minimum words. The classified advertisements generally cover ‘to let’ and ‘for sale,’ they also cover job vacancies, accommodation, lost and found, packers and movers, pet shops and kennels, and topics related to education, coachings, and matrimonial alliances, etc.

Commercial advertisements on the other hand are the ones that are issued by manufacturers, brands, organizations, etc. Their main aim is to sell their products and services. These advertisements are costlier than classified ads as they occupy more space, money, and time. These ads are made in a way they are visually attractive and are followed by catchy taglines.

Steps to Write Vigyapan in Hindi Class 10

To write an ad in your Hindi exam perfectly, you must follow the proper steps: 

  • Make a small box on your answer sheet using a scale to ensure the lines are neat and straight.

  • Put a heading in the centre (the headline should be short and crisp) should not exceed more than 5 words.

  • The headline must be related to the product/ service, for example, if the question is regarding an opening of a new school, one may put the school’s name as the headline in the centre.

  • You can use slogans and taglines if it is a commercial advertisement.

  • Use questions in the opening lines that engage the audience- ‘Want the best education for your child?’, etc.

  • Use sentences such as offer limited, xx% off, etc. in your content.

  •  If you are good at sketching and art, you can also make use of your talent, pictures attract the attention of the viewers.

  • However, if it is a classified advertisement, avoid sketching. You need to write your advertisement in short sentences. Avoid using grandiloquent language.

  • Use an easy language, language of the public, since it is issued for general beneficiaries.

  • Practice writing ads regularly.

  • Go through ads on newspapers, magazines, and television as well as the internet. Notice the language and the way they are given.

  • Try copying them in your notebooks.

  • Practice writing at least two ads daily and read them aloud. This will give you an idea of how your ads sound and whether they are engaging enough.

  • Include points or bullets to make ads look appealing and easy to read.

  • Avoid writing too much, writing too much will only make your ad messier and bland.

Frequently asked questions on writing Vigyapan in Hindi Class 10

Q 1. What are the total marks of section D in the Hindi exam?

A. Section D sum totals to 20 marks.

Q 2. What is the total word limit for writing advertisements?

A. You must not exceed 25-50 words when writing advertisements.

Q 3. What are the best books for practice for Hindi exams?

A. JPH guide can prove beneficial for practice. You can also go for Arihant publications and prescribed NCERT books. Oswaal Books Question Bank is also a good choice.

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