How to Prepare and Get Good Marks in Hindi Class 10 Board Exam?

Board exams are around the corner, there are just 2-3 months left and students of class X CBSE board need to gear up to score good marks. There is no doubt that the board exams create fear among students and all the students try their level best to perform really well in exams. 

The course of Hindi Class X is divided into two- Hindi course A and Hindi course B. Both sections are to be attempted together on the day of the examination.

Marking scheme and question paper pattern

The question paper (for Hindi A) is divided into four sections as under: 

Sections  Number of Questions Marks
A. Unseen Passage  1 10
B. Grammar 2-5 16
C. Questions from the textbook prescribed by CBSE  6-10 34
Writing  11-13 20

The question paper ( for Hindi B) is divided into four sections as under: 

Sections Number of Questions Marks
A- Reading 1 10
B- Grammar 2-6 16
C- Textbook based questions 12-16 20
D- Writing 12-16 20
  • Sections A checks your comprehension skills and involves unseen passages from both prose and poetry.
  • Section B contains questions from your grammar portion, including nouns, synonyms, and more. 
  • Section C includes questions from your textbook prescribed by the CBSE board. It is very important that you go through your chapters thoroughly. 
  • Section D covers the writing portions, including letters, essays, and advertisements. 

Important topics for Class X Hindi exam

It is important to study the entire syllabus thoroughly, yet the following are the topics that have been frequently covered in exams: 

  • Essays, letters, and advertisement writing. One should be aware of the format, structure, language used, and the content must be concise and clear. 
  • As far as the literature portion is concerned, students must read the prescribed textbooks— ‘Sparsh Part 2’ and ‘Sanchanyan Part 2’. 
  • Students are advised to study prose and poems well.
  • For ‘Sanchayan Part 2’ students need to study the recommended chapters:a) हरिहर काका (Harihar Kaka)b) सपनों के-से दिन (Sapnon Ke Se Din)c) टोपी शुक्ला (Topi Shukla)
  • For the grammar section, essay writing and letter writing are important topics to be covered.

Tips and tricks to prepare better and score well in Hindi exam:

  • To score good marks in your board exam, it is important to study your textbooks thoroughly. Don’t miss out on any chapter as questions from that chapter may come in your exam. 
  • Divide your syllabus into topics, so that it becomes easy to study. It may help especially when doing grammar portions. 
  • Start with the questions and topics that have been given maximum weightage in terms of marking scheme. 
  • Cover the heavy or big portions first. It will lighten your burden, and you won’t be anxious anymore. 
  • Check out the latest formats or structures of all the writing portions – essays, letters, and advertisements. Note them down in your notebook. 
  • Practice writing the three at least every alternate day if not daily. 
  • Practice previous years’ question papers. 
  • Follow the exam pattern closely. 
  • There are various websites that conduct mock tests today. Go for mock tests. 
  • Don’t go for parrot reading or mugging, instead focus on the central idea or the theme of the story. 
  • Learn at least 5 new words daily, with their use, you will be able to cope up with the grammar section as learning new synonyms and antonyms helps to enhance your vocabulary.

FAQS on getting good marks in Hindi Class 10 Board Exam

Q 1. What are the best books to prepare for the Hindi Exam for class X? 

Answer. You can pick Arihant Publications to study for exams. You can also go for a JPH guide or Golden to prepare for exams. 

Q 2. What is the sum total of the Hindi A and Hindi B exam? 

Answer. Both the parts A and B are of 80 marks each. 

Q 3. How to prepare for the class X Hindi exam for the writing section? 

Answer. For the writing section, cultivate a habit of writing advertisements, letters and essays daily. Go through newspapers, magazines and related stuff to enhance your vocabulary and writing skills. 

Q 4. How do I practice the literature portion? 

Answer. To prepare for the literature portion, firstly you need to learn the name and of the chapter and the author/poet correctly, with correct spellings. Avoid mugging up the chapter as a whole, instead, try comprehending what the author or poet is trying to say. Understand what is the central idea of the poem or the story and what does it ask readers to think on/over. Try framing questions on your own and divide the chapter into small topics. Understand what literary device has been used to adorn the text or content. Note them down on a piece of part or your notebook. 

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