How to Become Topper in Class 10?

In this ever-growing world of competition, the new trend most definitely is a desire to be at the top of every ladder you climb. Be it in academics, sports, jobs, or any other field of life – the race to the top is something that hardly gets a break. The moment you take a break, someone else might reach a few steps ahead. Similar is the case with class 10 Board exams— competition here knows no bounds. 

With lakhs of students appearing in these exams every year from all parts and corners of India, becoming the topper is quite a big deal. But what’s hard can also be smart! With the right preparation, coordination, guidance, and some essential tips, you can run this race of becoming the topper in your class 10 Board exams conveniently. 

So if you are someone appearing for Board exams anytime soon with a desire to be the topper, this is the article that you need.
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What are the essentials to begin with in order to become a topper? 

No matter how hard the competition, the best part is everyone starts preparing nearly from the same level. So the essentials mentioned here might help you get off with a good and probably a great start! 

  • Go through the syllabus thoroughly 

The first element, to begin with, is an in-depth knowledge of what and how much you need to study. Drafting an outline of the syllabus taking each subject separately will be beneficial. Once you note down the syllabus, you have already gone through what exactly needs to be done.

  •  Find your strength and weakness

The fact that as a student and a human being, we all have our strengths and weaknesses is perhaps the ultimate truth of life. So as the next step, find out the subjects which are your strength and highlight the subjects that need more of your understanding attention.

  • Fix a schedule for studying

The organisation will always be more helpful and bring better outputs over a shorter time span. The weak subjects must be taken up during those hours of the day when you have better concentration. The subjects that you like will work whenever you want them to work. 

  • Pick the right study material

After you know what to study, it is also important to know the most profitable sources to study from. Profitable in the sense that the books that will provide the right direction of understanding in the required amount. Excessive information is only going to bring confusion. 

  • Manage your time efficiently

As a student, you will also have to take into account your hours devoted to school and tuition. Try to make a timetable that works best for you outside of your school assignments and tuition homework. Self-study is the key to be the best in any competitive exam. 

What are some tips to take into account? 

The entire process of preparing yourself to become a topper in the class 10 Board exams is divided into two parts. As and when you are done with the first part that involves an introduction to and thorough understanding of your course subjects, the next step comes in. This involves implementation and practice. 

It is during these months of practice and revision that students need the tips and tricks that can guide them to top their board exams. Some of them are as follows: 

  • Get yourself a comfortable space 

When you have a few months left before the exams, it is of utmost priority to be comfortable and concentrated. Find yourself a space that is without any distractions and feels the most comfortable to study in. 

  • Revision, solution and repetition

These are the three things that are the most important elements in your journey to be the topper. Everything else can be made to fall into place. Make it a must to solve questions based on the syllabus you have covered. Keep revising the topics and take time-based tests after completion of your syllabus so as to find out how prepared you are. 

  • Share and compete

This is something most students miss out on. The more problems you solve with your friends, the clearer will be your understanding. This also gives you a hint of the level of competition and put a healthy and necessary pressure to keep working hard. In case you have missed out on any topic, this will also help figure that out. 

  • Eat healthily, stay fit

A healthy diet and proper exercise will play a pivotal role in helping your brain function. Make sure you have adequate hours of sleep. Too much stress and pressure prior to the exam can work against you. So prepare as much as you want beforehand and not during the exams. And remember to have a bit of fun in between to refresh your mind.

  • Browse the internet, not social media

Social media can bring in a lot of unwanted distractions during exam time which you obviously would not want. You can definitely browse the internet for doubt clearing, visual tutorials, study material and online classes. But try to avoid social media as much as possible. 

If you are all geared up with the above essentials and tips, the distance between you and top marks in your class 10 Board exams wouldn’t be far! So keep up with the hard and smart work. 

FAQs on becoming a topper in Class 10

Q 1. When is the class 10 Board exams 2020 going to start?

Answer. The date sheet for the year 2020 is yet to release. Keep checking the official website for more updates. 

Q 2. What marks should I get to become a topper? 

Answer. There is no fixed range for this but the highest marks usually go somewhere around 499/500. So you can imagine the level of preparation needed. 

Q 3. Which is the hardest subject in class 10?

Answer. The answer to this question varies from student to student. But as per the general opinion. Maths is one such subject that needs a lot of extra preparation and practice outside of the prescribed textbooks.

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