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Foods that Start with X: How many food items do you recognize that begin with the letter X? We’ve levelled the playing field for you. We’ve compiled a list of food products for your reference.

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List of Foods Begins With Letter X

Names of Foods Whose Name Starts With X

List of Foods Names With Letter X At The Start

Fascinating Facts On Foods That Start With X


The Xanthia cocktail is a dry herbaceous cocktail with just the appropriate proportions of sweetness. It’s a captivating combo of herbal, fruity, and spicy aromas. It draws its origin from the Greek word Xanthia, which indicates blonde or fair-haired.

Xanthan gum

Xanthan gum is a widespread food supplement that is applied as a thickening or stabilizing agent in a range of delicacies. Many foods can benefit from incorporating xanthan gum to enhance texture, consistency, flavour profile, shelf life, and aesthetics.

It’s extensively included in gluten-free baking because it can simulate the flexibility and fluffiness of gluten-containing baked goods.

Xia Mi

Dried shrimp, a flavorful component used in east and southeast Asian different cuisines, is actually referred to as Xia Mi in Chinese cuisine. They’re essential to add rich umami flavour to a variety of recipes, and they’re frequently employed as a flavouring rather than just a key component.

Xalapa Punch

Xalapa punch tastes like just a coarser, more astringent sangria. Brandy, rum, and red wine are blended with hot orange peels and black tea to brew Xalapa punch.

Xinomavro Grapes

Xinomavro (more often than not written Xynomavro) is a red wine grape that emerged in Greece, specifically and explicitly in the Imathia region of Macedonia, in what have become the monovarietal appellations of Náoussa and Amynteo; Náoussa is often considered as the greatest source.

Xinomavro is generally acknowledged as being one of the dozen or so world-class wine grapes.

SpeciesV. vinifera


Xôi is a Vietnamese meal made with sticky rice and other seasonings that can be spicy or sweet. Xôi is a great snack and on-the-go breakfast delicacy.

Xingren Donfu

Xingren Donfu is one of China’s most popular sugary sweets. Agar, sugar, almond, gelatin, and apricot are the essential ingredients. It’s a delicious confection with a delectable creaminess.

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Xavier Steak

Xavier Steak is a delicacy in American cuisine that comprises three primary ingredients: cooked or canned asparagus, steak, and swiss cheese. Its name’s origin is still a complete mystery to everybody.

Xiphias Swordfish

Swordfish can be widely distributed in tropical, subtropical, and temperate waters, with water temperatures ranging from five to fifteen degrees. Swordfish is meaty and can be cooked and eaten like steak due to its tough flavour and texture.

SpeciesX. gladius
Scientific NameXiphias gladius


Both the terms chocolate and cacao are originally derived from Nahuatl phrases Xocoatl and Cacahoatl and allude to a slightly bitter and spicy concoction developed by the Aztecs from cacao beans and water.

Xocoatl, which literally means “bitter water,” is the foundation for modern-day hot cocoa.


This cactus fruit is indigenous to Central Mexico, and it is prevalent in the late summer and early fall. It can be applied in a variety of methods. It has a flavour and texture which is both incredibly refreshing and slightly acidic.

CladeTracheophytes / Angiosperms / Eudicots / Caryophyllales
Scientific NameOpuntia matudae


These fried dough delicacies come from Spanish and Portuguese cuisine.

Churros are crispy dough strips that are best enjoyed hot with icing sugar, cinnamon, and sugar or dipped in chocolate spread.


Traditional Goan cuisine is xacuti. It boasts a flavorful, perfect blend of fresh coconut and exotic curry spices. It’s spicy and rich, and it’s very tasty!

Chicken, chilli peppers, unprocessed coconut, white poppy beans, fresh coriander, cumin seeds, onion, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, cashew nuts, and oil are among the constituents.

Xampinyons En Salsa Mushrooms

This is an old traditional tapas dish made with mushrooms, sherry herbs, and lots and lots of garlic. This dish consists primarily of mushrooms served with a flavorful sauce that has a hot and spicy undertone.

Xiao Long Bao

Xiao Long Bao is amongst the most well-known Chinese steamed dumplings (not to be mistaken with British or American-style dumplings or Chinese jiaozi), but it is also certainly one of the longest time-consuming to prepare from completely from scratch. It’s from Jiangsu province, with Wuxi and Shanghai as its major hubs.


A tough, woody fruit resembling a coconut is referred to as a xylocarp.

CladeTracheophytes / Angiosperms / Eudicots / Rosids
Scientific NameXylocarpus granatum

Xouba Fish

The European pilchard fish is referred to like this in the Spanish language. Xouba is an extremely fatty, sardine-like fish in Spanish cuisine. The fish can be barbecued or grilled after being sautéed with potatoes and salt.

When blended with onions, tomato, paprika, salt, and pepper, Xouba can also be used as a pie base.

Even though younger ones are consumed more frequently, Xouba fish are also served as grown adults.


It’s a plum-like fruit that you may consume uncooked. The flavour profile is a combination of sweet and sour.

CladeAngiosperms / Eudicots / Core eudicots
Scientific NameXimenia


Watermelon is also known as Xigua. It’s a big, juicy fruit that likely originated in southern Africa. It’s particularly unusual in that it’s classified as both a fruit and a vegetable. It not only tastes amazingly delicious, but it also provides a wide range of health and beauty benefits.

CladeTracheophytes / Angiosperms / Eudicots / Rosids
SpeciesC. lanatus
Scientific NameCitrullus lanatus


Xnipec is a hot and spicy sauce made from fresh tomatoes, onions, chilli peppers, cilantro, orange juice, lime juice, and salt from Yucatán, Mexico. It’s simply fantastic for dipping chips and vegetables in or pouring atop tacos as a wonderful topping for just about any type of protein.

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