Foods that Start with Q | List of Foods Starting with Q Pictures and Facts

Foods that Start with Q: To maintain a healthy and happy youthful life, one of the most necessary things is the Food we consume. They give us all the essential things we need to maintain a healthy life. Food is of different varieties spread all around the world.

So, in this article, let us try to recognize the list of food that start with Q.

Check out the List of Foods from A to Z i.e. Letter by Letter Alphabetically with Pictures available and expand your knowledge base on various types of foods in English.

List of Foods Begins With Letter Q

  • Name of Foods whose name starts with Q
  • Fascinating facts on foods that start with Q

Names of Foods whose name starts with Q

List of Foods names with letter Q at the start

Fascinating Facts On Food That Start With Q


This round, hard-shelled clam is also known as the hard clam. They have low fat and provide high protein, and are a reliable source of selenium, vitamin B12, and iron. These clams are mostly known for their stuffed dishes and baked dishes.

SpeciesM. mercenaria

Quail Eggs

Quail Eggs are recently gaining popularity as an alternative to chicken eggs. They have a similar taste to chicken but are tiny in size. Unlike their size, Quail Eggs are rich in Nutrients. Selenium and riboflavin are the two most essential nutrients.


Quark is a fresh cheese that originated from Europe. It is a creamy cheese mixed with the sour taste of yogurt. Its fat content is much low than any other cheese, and it has no salt added. It can be taken as a dessert mix with strawberries or other fruits.


Quick is a French tart. Its pastry crust is filled with custard, cheese, seafood, meat, or even vegetables. Since it is filled with many veggies and meat, it is a healthy start to the day. Quiche can be matched with a fruit salad or Scrambled eggs too.


Queso, also known as con queso, is an appetizer dish of melted cheese and chili peppers. It is used for a dipping sauce, most popularly for French fries. It is made with smoked cheddar cheese and butter, with some basic veggies like onions.


Quail are the species of small-tailed game bird, which is a far more superior alternative to chicken. Quail meat has high Vitamin C, four times more than that of Chicken meat. Its mineral rate is also higher than chicken meat. Quail meat is usually roasted with different spices.

SpeciesC. coturnix

Foods that Start with Q 1


Quinoa, famous for its edible seeds. It is a whole grain whose popularity is increasing because of its health benefits. It is rich in fiber and a healthy source of antioxidants. It also provides magnesium and a lot of protein.

CladeTracheophytes/ Angiosperm/ Eudicots
SpeciesC. quinoa


Quince is known to be the only existing member of the Cydonia genus belonging to the Rosaceae Family. The quince fruits are rich in Nutrients and contain potent antioxidants. It helps in release digestive issues and pregnancy-induced nausea.

CladeTracheophytes/ Angiosperm/ Eudicots/ Rosids
Sub FamilyAmygdaloideae
SpeciesC. oblonga

Foods that Start with Q 2


Quenelle is a dish made up of creamed meat or fish, mixed with breadcrumbs, which is then bound with egg, a d corned into egg-shaped, and then cooked. It has a very soft texture and a slightly crunchy taste. It is also cooked in a fried way or also mixed with curry.


Qeema which is the famous Keema the Indian dish. It is a dish of minced mutton or beef and another type of meat cooked with butter, potato, veggies, and spices. It has a sizzling hot taste and is loved all over the world.


This Mexican dish is a Tortilla which is primarily filled with cheese to enhance the taste. It is also filled with meat, spices, or other fillings. It is either grilled or cooked on a stove to transform our basic tortilla into a mouthwatering cheesy delight.

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