Expository Essay

Expository Essay: A Factual/Expository essay is an essay which explains something via facts, rather than opinions and provides an explanation or information of something through the use of factual data. Facts can be further explained by using clear and concise ideas. Towards the end of the expository essay, the writer should be able to gradually build an argument out of the facts provided. This can be achieved by using cause and effect analysis, comparison and contrast, as well as by giving definitions or further examples of the central topic.

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Expository Essay

Guidelines to write a Factual Essay
1. Identify the main topic.
Easy enough, but if you have the liberty to choose your topic, try not to choose those that are too general or which have been written about countless times. Select a narrow topic that is interesting but has plenty of information at the same time.

2. Gather facts and other information relevant to the topic.
Select facts and information that are from credible sources such as peer- reviewed journals, books, and newspapers. Your facts may consist of statistical data, research findings, chronicles of previous events and other historical facts and figures published in books and journals.

3. Write your clear and concise thesis statement in your expository essay’s introductory paragraph.
You may write your thesis statement as either the first or the last sentence of your essay. If you choose to put it in your first sentence, make sure that the succeeding sentences will tell more about your first sentence. In doing so, provide brief supporting ideas. On the other hand, if you choose to put it in your last paragraph, make sure that the sentences preceding it logically follow one another until your last sentence.

4. Distribute your facts in your body paragraphs. Group your facts according to their commonalities.
Each body paragraph should tackle one key idea. Support each of your ideas in every body paragraph with relevant facts and figures. Avoid repeating facts in different paragraphs as it will make your essay look as though it was not carefully planned. Place facts whenever required.

5. Provide logical and smooth transition sentences between paragraphs.
The way in which you make a transition from one body paragraph to another should be logical. Otherwise, the whole structure of your expository essay will collapse.

6. Conclude your essay.
Assess the topic in light of the evidence you provided. Your expository essay’s conclusion is your last chance to establish the argument that you have derived from the key facts you discussed.

Sample Essays
1. A Career to Make Life Worth Living

Many teenagers spend a lot of time contemplating what they want to do when they graduate from high school. I am fortunate that I already know; I decided to become a veterinarian when I was two or three years old. Just like humans, animals need people to treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve, and I want to be one of those people. Because of this, I am doing all I can at school to lay the groundwork for my success in college.

Then, once I am in college, I will study and learn about all species of animals. I will find happiness in my career as a veterinarian because when animals need my assistance, I know that I will be able to help them.

I keep in mind my lifelong dream of becoming a veterinarian. I have been taking my school very seriously, because I know that a person needs to be not only knowledgeable, but also extremely disciplined in order to become a veterinarian. Because of this, I work hard to earn good grades, I take pride in my work, and I have learned to manage my time properly. These skills will be particularly valuable when I enter college. After leaving school, I must attend college because it is definitely a requirement for becoming a veterinarian.

In fact, a bachelor’s degree is necessary in order to even enter a veterinarian program. One must also possess excellent communication, leadership, public speaking, and organizational skills. I have also put a lot of thought and consideration into which college I need to go. Once I have completed the veterinarian program, I will be able to pursue my dream career. This career provides numerous benefits, the first of which is salary. The average veterinarian salary would definitely allow me to live a comfortable life.

Secondly, it is a rewarding job. This job would provide me with the satisfaction of knowing that I am helping or saving an animal’s life. Finally, becoming a veterinarian would assure me a lifetime of happiness. I know I would love going to my job every day, because I would be working with what I love the most: animals.

2. Solar Energy as a Feasible Alternative Source of Energy

The price of a barrel of oil has never been higher. World consumption is at an all time high and given the new thirst for oil in China and India it is unlikely to diminish. According to International Energy Outlook, global demand is expected to continue to increase by as much as 59% in the next fifteen years. Already, consumer energy bills have been increasing on an average of 6.5% of per year.

Given the dramatic rise in the cost of producing energy using traditional non-renewable resources, this rate is bound to be overtaken by unheard price increases in the very near future. And for consumers who are becoming more and more environmentally conscious, thought of the millions and millions of tons of CO2 and other products being released into the atmosphere annually through the use of fossil fuels is very alarming. It is clear that our reliance on oil to create energy leaves us quite vulnerable.

There are renewable technologies that produce energy, but the problem has been of cost effectiveness. It has always been cheaper to supply energy using fossil fuels, and consequently, renewable sources such as solar or wind power have not taken off. But the situation now appears to be changing. More and more, our consumption of energy is outstripping supply.

The grid can barely keep up with demand and blackouts are no longer just a concept. No wonder governments are looking for alternatives. And no wonder everyone is talking about solar power once again. Government at all levels is increasingly concentrating at stable, cost effective and environment friendly solar power.

NASA uses solar powered energy systems in many of its buildings. Government buildings and offices are using solar power not just because it is good for the environment and sets an example for commercial entities and consumers but also because they’ve concluded that opting for solar power systems will save them a lot of money in terms of expenditure.

With so many rebate programs today, homeowners are coming to the same conclusion. Once the initial return on investment is recovered, solar power users don’t have any additional energy bills, almost no maintenance to worry about and are not slave to an electrical grid that is becoming more and more fragile as demand outstrips supply. Thus solar power is a feasible alternative source of energy.

Suggested Outlines of Factual/Expository Essays
Global Warming

  • Global warming means- an increase in the earth’s temperature due to use of fossil fuels.
  • Results in an increased emission of greenhouse gases.
  • Many misconceptions about global warming.
  • The greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide.
  • The Earth uses these gases to warm its surface.
  • If natural gases did not occur, the temperature would be 1.4 degree cooler than the current temperatures.
  • These gases trap heat and cause the greenhouse effect, rising global temperatures. Human activities add to the levels of these gases, causing more problems.
  • Automobiles and factories are responsible for about 80% of today’s carbon dioxide emissions, 25% of methane, and 20% of nitrous oxide emissions.
  • There are ways that you can help prevent global warming. E.g.: Car pooling, fuel efficient cars etc.

India : A Tourist Attraction

  • Each year millions of tourists visit India.
  • Why India is a good place for vacations?
  • Historically significant.
  • Religious destinations, beaches of Goa and Kerala, mountains of Leh and Ladakh, islands of Andamans and Lakshadweep.
  • Cheaper than other countries.
  • Warmth and hospitality of the locals.

A Pet Peeve

  • A pet peeve is a particular source of annoyance or irritation. Every person has one.
  • Some people don’t like late comers, others do not like dog and cats, some do not like spicy food, etc.
  • Think about a pet peeve you have.
  • Explain your pet peeve and why it is a source of annoyance or irritation.

An Important Invention

  • Start by explaining what an invention is.
  • Give examples of important inventions so far.
  • Think about an invention that you think has been important to people.
  • Now, write why this one invention has been important.

My Favorite Holiday

  • Why should one go on a holiday?
  • Mention some holidays you have taken.
  • Which was your favourite holiday destination?
  • List the reasons why it is your favorite holiday so far.


  1. Explain why you especially enjoyed the classes of a particular teacher.
  2. Describe some non material things that make you happy.
  3. Describe the ways you help out at home.
  4. Importance of media.
  5. How to take care of your pet?
  6. Effects of over population.

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