Essay on Teacher in English for Kids and Students | 500 Words Essay on Role of Teacher in Modern Society

Essay on Teacher: Teachers are a vital part of our lives; their teachings remain as a memory with us till we die. It is them who have held our hands and have helped us become what we are and which profession we choose for ourselves.

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We have compiled long and short essays written in simple language as per the student’s requirements, where the students can relate to their personal lives.

Long and Short Essays on Teacher in English for Kids and Children

Given below is an extended essay of approximately 400-500 words and is usually done by the students of classes 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12, and a short piece of nearly 100-150 words that are generally done by the students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Long Essay on My Class Teacher in English 500 words

A teacher is a maneuver of an entire nation. He plays a pivotal role in constructing a scholarly society. He does away with the umbra of ignorance from a lot of labor in his act, according to the need of his audience. Everybody has something valuable inside him. A good teacher discovers the cloistered treasure inside of each student. Indeed the lifestyle of a teacher is much unornamented, and he has no pride and zealous inside him. All esteem him.
Moreover, teachers have a significant impact on our lives and society. They are of great importance to our parent’s life because they expect a lot from them. We can improve the teaching scenario by differentiating excellent and efficient teachers from bad teachers. Though the number of bad teachers is not much, still, the numbers are significant.

A good teacher is not too hard to find; we need to know where to look. The signs of a good teacher are that they understand the importance of being well-prepared in advance for the class to maximize productivity. Chalking out their daily routine helps them to achieve their everyday goals. They have ample knowledge about the subject they teach. In addition to that, they know how to make the subject exciting and straightforward for the students to cope up.

Teachers Day Essay is an important topic for all students to understand because it celebrates the importance of Teachers. A teacher regularly updates himself to provide maximum knowledge to his students and tries to engage their students by presenting unique and exciting facts about the subject to avoid making the learning process too mainstream, which further helps the students to fetch good marks.

Most importantly, a teacher does not only focus on academic development, but they take into account character development and prioritize it. They understand what the students are going through and help them deal with the problems. The teachers are like our second parents, and they make the students feel home when they are far away from home.

With time, gradually, our teachers become our friends and some even our role models. They continuously inspire us and push us beyond the limits to help us pursue our dream. The teachers do not stick to the tag of being just a teacher. Instead, they adapt themselves as and when the situation demands. They become our friends when we need a place to vent out and provide a shoulder to cry on when we are sad. They care and love as just like our parents do and give us great life advice. When it comes to the academic and professional field, they enlighten us with what to do.

A teacher is not only a teacher. He is a beautiful amalgamation of a mentor, a philosopher, a torch-bearer, a friend, and above all, a surrogated parent to the children. The attributes that make a teacher elevate from the ordinary stage to the ideal stage are his compassionate behavior and open-mindedness. His jovial and approachable nature helps the students to interact with him easily. The students start idolizing a teacher when they see their passion for the subject, and his aura attracts the students to love and admire the matter, which makes learning easy. World Teachers Day is celebrated on 5th October every year.

Long Essay on My Class Teacher

Short Essay on Teacher 150 words in English

Throughout our entire lives, we have people who are very near and dear to us and hold an extraordinary place in our hearts, and teachers are one of them. They are a blessing from God to us, and they are the reason behind a well-built nation. They are the ones to teach us that pen is mightier than a sword and help us elevate our living standards.
They impart knowledge and imbibe mortality within the students. Teachers take up the roles of a parent, a friend, and a guide whenever needed. The teachers shape and personality our future beautifully.

10 Lines Essay about Teachers Role in Students Life in English 150 words

  1. Teachers help students and other people learn and progress their life.
  2. The teacher is responsible for shaping the career and lives of his/her students.
  3. Teachers feel honor and pride to direct their students towards the right path of life.
  4. Every student is equal in the teacher’s eyes; they never do partiality.
  5. Teachers always encourage and award their pupils for good works and punish them for wrongdoings.
  6. Their ultimate goal in life is to provide quality education to their students.
  7. They are the ones to teach their students to differentiate between good and bad things in life.
  8. A teacher knows that not all students are equally capable, so they put in extra effort for those who are weak.
  9. A good teacher makes the learning process fun and enjoyable.
  10. A teacher’s good impression on his/her students, impact positively, and the students consider him/her as their role model.

10 Lines Essay about Teachers Role in Students Life

FAQ’s Essay on Importance of Teacher In Our Life

Question 1.
Why are teachers important in our lives?

Teachers play a critical role in shaping our future and making us a better individual. They know that their students are the future of the nation, and they put in their best efforts to groom the students and pass on their knowledge to their pupils.

Question 2.
Why do we need a teacher?

In today’s world, computers are taking over humans, but teachers are a vital part of our lives, which machines can never take over. Personal one-to-one interaction is essential for understanding the subjects in depth.

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