Rhinoceros Essay | Essay on Rhinoceros for Students and Children in English

Rhinoceros Essay: Rhinoceros is a large animal with horns and thick skin. They are herbivores that means they eat only plants and fruits. Few animals like African and Asian Elephants are taller at the shoulder than the rhinoceros. The species of rhinoceros are Indian rhinoceros, white rhinoceros, black rhinoceros, and many more species. The white and black rhinoceros are found in Africa while the Indian, the Javan, and the Sumatran rhinoceros are found in the Asian region.

Let’s know more about this mammal and also get to know some interesting facts.

Long and Short Essays on Rhinoceros for Students and Kids in English

A long essay of 450-500 words has been provided it is useful for students in classes 7, 8, 9, and 10. For the reference of students in Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, a short essay of 100-150 words has been provided.

Long Essay on Rhinoceros 500 Words in English

A rhinoceros is a member of any of the five extant species of odd-toed ungulates related to a family of Rhinocerotidae. Out of five extant species, two of the extant species are found in Africa and southern Asia. The term rhinoceros is used for the extinct species of Rhinocerotoidea. The description of rhinoceros is they are at least one tonne in weight, have a herbivores diet, two horns, a brain(400-600 g), and a thick protective skin of around 1.5-5 cm. The skin of the rhinoceros is made of layers of collagen which got positioned in a lattice structure. Some of the species of rhinoceros don’t have teeth so they depend on their lips to pluck the leaves or flowers for their food.

It is observed that some of the countries operate a black market for selling horns of the rhinoceros. The main reason for rhinoceros to go extinct is because hunters kill the rhinoceros for their horns. Their horns are sold at a very high price and are in great demand, however, it is now strictly illegal. It is believed that the horns of the rhinoceros were being used for therapeutic uses as they are made of keratin. However, It is now observed through a report, that the black, Javan and the Sumatran rhinoceros are mostly endangered.

Talking about the species of the rhinoceros, white rhinoceros have two subspecies and that are Southern white rhinoceros and Northern white rhinoceros. The population of Southern subspecies is wildly observed as nearly 20,000 old. The appearance of the white rhino is like an immense body with a short head and broad chest. If we talk about the black rhinoceros then it has four subspecies and that is South-Central, South-Western, East African, and West African. The South-Central rhinoceros are found in the areas of Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and Zambia. Southwestern is usually found in western South Africa, and also in western Botswana. The east African species are found in Tanzania and the West African species were declared extinct in 2011 according to a report.

Rhinoceros move alone and not in a group. However, the white rhinoceros are an exception and move in a group. Rhinoceros have poor eyesight but their sense of smelling and hearing are very strong and acute. Mostly rhinoceros avoid charging at humans but the black rhinoceros are very short-tempered and provocation should be avoided at all costs. Even after having the bulk body structure, they are very agile and attain a speed of 45 km per hour. Rhinoceros communicate with infrasonic frequencies just like elephants which can be heard by humans. Rhinoceros have a very low reproduction rate. The female rhinoceros cannot have a baby until they are 6 years old.  They can only give birth to one calf at a time. The Indian rhinoceros can conceive faster if she loses her calf.

Short Essay on Rhinoceros 150 words in English

Rhinoceros is a large and bulky mammal usually found in Tanzania and Zimbabwe and many more countries. They have thick skin, short heads, thick legs and two horns. Some species have only one horn. The number of rhinoceros is decreasing as they are being hunted for horns and sold at the black market, however, it is strictly illegal. The horns of the rhinoceros are made up of keratin. Many species of rhinoceros are present across the world like Indian rhinoceros such as Javan rhinoceros, black rhinoceros, and white rhinoceros. Rhinoceros usually move around individually but the white rhinoceros move in a group of at least 10 rhinoceros or more. They are calm in nature when provoked, they can be dangerous and deadly. There are many campaigns arising to protect the rhinoceros, suggesting not to provoke them to prevent their extinction.

10 Lines on Rhinoceros Essay in English

  1. They are mammals with thick skin.
  2. Rhinoceros communicate with infrasonic frequencies.
  3. They have weak eyesight but good hearing and smelling sense.
  4. Indian rhinoceros, javan rhinoceros, black rhinoceros are some of the species of rhinoceros.
  5. They usually move in isolation.
  6. They are found in countries like Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and Zambia.
  7. The horns of the rhinoceros are made up of keratin.
  8. They are calm nature animals and usually avoid contact with humans.
  9. They follow a herbivores diet.
  10. The reproduction cycle of rhinoceros is very low.

FAQs on Rhinoceros essay

Question 1. How many horns does a rhinoceros have?

Answer: Usually there are two horns but in some species, there is only one horn.

Question 2. What are the names of some species of rhinoceros?

Answer: Some of the names of species of rhinoceros are Indian rhinoceros, black rhinoceros, and white rhinoceros.

Question 3. How do rhinoceros communicate with one another?

Answer: Rhinoceros communicate with the help of infrasonic frequencies with one another.

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