Essay On Rainy Day in English for Students and Children | Essay on My Experience On A Rainy Day

Essay on Rainy day: Rainy days are exemplary attributions of nature. A rainy day is typical in the monsoon season. It is indeed of great delight to children as many times their schools give holidays due to heavy rain. A sudden holiday and unexpected scope to relax offers them enormous happiness.

Almost all of us wait for the rainy season. For pluviophile’s, it is a treat as they enjoy every aspect of rain. A rainy day is symbolic of new life and a new beginning. Poets have described rain in the most aesthetic ways in their works.

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To help students to write essays on a rainy day, we have provided a long and a short essay in this article. We have also offered ten lines so that children get a clearer idea of the topic.

Long and Short Essay on Rainy Day for Kids and Students in English

We have provided below one extended essay on a rainy day consisting of 500 words and one brief essay composed of 100-150 words.

Long Essay on Rainy Day in English 500 words

Essay On Rainy Day usually come for classes 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Rainy days are a welcome relief after long, hot summers. Especially if it rains on unexpected days, it becomes much more exciting. It holds a special significance in our lives.

A fresh, afternoon shower soothes our soul and rekindles our enthusiasm. The small paper boats floating in the tacenda of memories, the raindrops resting on the trees and flowers, and the chirping of a thousand unknown birds provide a surreal feeling to our minds.

To children, rainy days are a sudden break from their busy schedules. They often leave their home works behind and run out to get drenched in the relentless rainfall. The sound of rain on tin roofs and the refreshing petrichor acts as a balm for our tired souls.

Something is astonishing and beautiful in observing cats and dogs as they run inside sheds to shelter themselves from the torrential downpour. Rainy days are like recesses between our exhausting routines.

We are all creatures of Mother Nature, and it takes very little to bring out our anarchic selves. Rainy days are those rare times when we take our eyes off our phones and gadgets and experience nature in all its glory. Few people can resist running to their balcony to take in the smell of rain. It fills our mechanical hearts with a strange warmth.

Rainy days mark the discovery of a new life. The trees look greener after the rain, and nature seems more diverse. The small raindrops on windowpanes and dandelions shine like pearls in the late sunlight.

Rain comes with thunder and lightning. The grey clouds darken the usual azure palate and guard the sun. However, every dark cloud has a silver lining, and that renews our hope and inspires us. The thundering deafens us, and we welcome the wrath of nature with outstretched arms. We marvel at the white cracks of lightning that splits the clouds. We are all left to wonder how mesmerizing nature is.

Rainy days are perfect for introverts. They would cuddle up with blankets and a warm cup of coffee and their favorite book. They would plug in their earphones and listen to Coldplay.

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Children extend their arms from car windows and smiling wildly as raindrops patter on their palms. School students draw smiling faces on the vapor that accumulates on the window glass. Poets sit by their window panes and capture the fantasies of nature in beautiful metaphors and conceal them in the pages of their diaries.
The Aloe vera plants growing in the balcony get drenched and soak in the water they had been deprived of for months. Children would run home lustily as their schools declare a holiday for a rainy day.
Rainy days are refreshing for all of us, and we need it to discover the real selves that we leave behind due to busy work lives.

Long Essay on Rainy Day

Short Essay on Importance of Rainy Days in English 150 words

Essay On Rainy Day usually come for classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Rainy Days are essential for humanity. Rain is the most crucial source of water and irrigation for most people in the villages. While we discuss rainy days, it is vital to realize that rainwater is the source of water for ponds, lakes, and swamps.

Rain is significant for crops as degradation in the rain may cause droughts. Farmers wait for the entire year so that rain can replenish their produce and bring a good harvest; rainwater fills up wells and tanks, which are alternative sources of irrigation.

Rainy days also open up the opportunity to harvest and conserve rainwater in urban set-ups. Many people make preparations for rainwater conservation in their terraces. They store the water for future use and emergency purposes.

Rainy days are an escape for us from our mechanical lives and give us the impetus to live life to the fullest.

10 Lines Essay on Rainy Days in English

  1. Rainy days give us relief from our busy schedules and help us breathe again.
  2. They are useful for crops and agriculture, as good rain ensures a good harvest at the end of the year.
  3. Good harvest helps in enhancing the economy and also allows people at the grass-root level to earn their livelihood.
  4. We see a flood of colored umbrellas on rainy days, and children get drenched in the rain.
  5. Puddles form on the streets, and kids jump into them, basking in the pure pleasure of playing in the water.
  6. Teenagers play football in the rain, and they return home drenched in water and mud.
  7. It is beautiful to swim during rainfall as the water splashes your face and gives you great relief.
  8. Rainy days give us the serendipity to spend time with ourselves and our families.
  9. However, hefty rain may cause floods that can in turn, result in the destruction of life and property.
  10. Rainy days are an aesthetic get-away for us, and we enjoy them thoroughly.

10 Lines Essay on Rainy Days

Frequently Asked Questions on Essay on Rainy day

Question 1.
When does the monsoon season start?

Monsoon season is uncertain in different parts of our country. Most commonly, the duration from mid-July to mid-September marks the monsoon season.

Question 2.
How can rain harm crops?

Weighty and excess rain may ruin crops by causing soil erosion and wilting of plants. Floods result in casualties.

Question 3.
What can we do on a rainy day?

On a rainy day, one can spend time reading books, writing poetry, singing, or merely marveling at the beauty of nature.

Question 4.
Why do schools declare holidays on rainy days?

Schools do not want to risk students’ safety by making them travel in a torrential downpour. Thus, they declare holidays.

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