Essay on Peace and Harmony | Peace and Harmony Essay for Students and Children in English

Essay on Peace and Harmony: To bring growth and prosperity in a society, the path that wiser people take is of peace and harmony. Without peace and harmony in a nation, it is impossible to achieve political strength, economic stability, or cultural growth. Before transmitting the notion of peace and harmony, among others, an individual needs to possess peace within them while their body and mind should be in balance. Even one person can transmit the notion of peace and harmony, among others, and it is everyone individual’s responsibility to maintain that peace and harmony in society. However, peace and harmony in society are disrupted with the increase in violence and chaos.

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Long and Short Essay on Peace and Harmony for Students and Kids in English

Below mentioned are Long and Short Essays on Peace and Harmony of 500-600 words and 200-300 words, respectively. The students can refer to these speeches when required and grace the occasion by their words. Read on to find more about Peace and Harmony Essay.

Long Essay on Peace and Harmony 500 Words in English

Peace and Harmony Essay is usually given to classes 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Science and technology were supposed to make our life comfortable. In contrast, people find alternative ways to use good inventions for an immoral purpose and eventually harm the ways of others living with peace and harmony. As the saying goes that with immense power so comes tremendous responsibility is not at all a lie, for the government of each nation should invest on education, healthcare, and productive means to resolve economic issues rather than initiating war or destructiveness. If destructive ways among nation are promoted, then peach and harmony will not exist, and poverty will remain to be an everlasting problem.

The root to most of our troubles is the disruption of peace and harmony between one aspect of our life to another. Earlier people knew how to live in peace and harmony with nature and other animals, but with the realization of power and greed, it was us who harmed their harmonized relation with the environment. This change in our way of living is not at all desirable because the effects of ruining the harmony and peace in the ecosystem will have to be faced by us. Hence, people must always realize that a little kindness, compassion and self-perseverance can restore the sense of humanity in one and resolve all issues regarding peace and harmony in our life.

What is ‘peace and harmony’?

Peace and harmony is the fundamental prerequisite of our life and an ideal path to follow. Many ideas contribute to the logic of peace and harmony such as dealing with disputes, staying calm and focused, resolving conflicts, adjusting, adapting, neutralization, following the ‘middle way’ principle, etc. With globalization we are not anymore divided into our concentrated area of state or nation; instead, the world has united with an unprecedented extent of bond regardless of borders and resulting into the formation of a great and happy global community. And to maintain the well-being of every individual of this global community, ultimately everyone has to implement the means of peace and harmony into their way of our living.

Ideas to maintain peace and harmony

  • The integral and compressive part of humankind should be peace and harmony. And to maintain peace and harmony, the following six ideas should be adapted:
  • To maintain equality, security, justice, and mutual trust, a word-wide political order must be introduced that embodies all of these.
  • To promote the advancement of technology and science aspects that will provide benefit to humankind by maintaining everyone’s welfare.
  • A global economic system should be introduced that embodies elimination of divergence, mutual benefit, removal of regional imbalance.
  • Ethics that promote ecological prosperity and incorporates solutions for resolving the environmental crisis, acts toward shared success, actively fulfils individual responsibility, and ways to end historical prejudices.
  • A mental state and spiritual ideology that embodies helpful attitude, physical and mental ease, and spreading of happiness and harmony through traditional wisdom.
  • The code of conduct by recognizing diversity and integration along with conduction of dialogues to express emotion and enhance friendship and brotherhood must be achieved by developing a global cultural atmosphere.
  • And it is a noble mission to promote peace and harmony by expressing how it will contribute to the long-lasting wellbeing factor of our lives.

Long Essay on Peace and Harmony

Short Essay on Peace and Harmony 200 Words in English

Peace and Harmony Essay is usually given to classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Factors affecting peace and harmony: Many powerful and influential people understood the importance of peace and harmony. As the famous saying of Lao Tzu’s goes like – “If you want to establish peace in the world, there also must be peace among and in the nations. If one wants there to be peace in the nations, then there should be peace in the regions of the nation. If one wishes for peace in the cities, then there also must exist peace between neighbors. And all this begins with the peace of mind”
Particular aspects disrupt peace and harmony of a system, and people must be aware of the reasons as to why one should avoid those factors. A list of some of those disruptions is:

  • Gender discrimination and oppression
  • Religion and caste discrimination
  • Terrorism
  • Corruption
  • Inflation
  • Poverty and unemployment
  • Toxic traits like jealousy, greed, lies and hatred
  • Exploitation of resources

10 Lines on Peace and Harmony Essay in English

  1. Peaceful dialogues are comparatively more helpful during dispute resolving and negotiations.
  2. The word peace is derived from the Anglo-French term ‘pes’ which means agreement, peace, silence or reconciliation.
  3. Harmony is a term that is derived from an old Greek word ‘Harmonia’ meaning the joint agreement or concord.
  4. The US Anti-Vietnam War movement was also called the peace movement that lasted from 1964 to 1973.
  5. Secularism is a concept for treating all religions equally, and this practice promotes peace and harmony among us.
  6. Peace and harmony are hampered when people fight in the name of faith which eventually results in the spread of communalism,
  7. The rise in the prices of necessary commodities is called inflation, and it is one of the significant disruption causing factor in the concept of peace and harmony.
  8. Peace and harmony improve aspects of business and economy which also ultimately results in the elimination of unemployment.
  9. A peace activist in a person who chooses non-violent methods to end affairs like violent conflicts or non-democratic rule.
  10. Gerald Holtom is the person behind the design of the modern peace symbol.

10 Lines on Peace and Harmony

FAQ’s on Peace and Harmony Essay

Question 1.
Explain with an example, the benefit of living with peace and harmony?

An excellent example of how peace and harmony are beneficial is the existence of the ‘Harmony Culture’ which is a Chinese tradition that has lasted for over thousand years now and has also made a massive contribution in the matter of coexistence of various ethnic groups that too with peace and harmony. Eventually, from those original ethnic groups, some fusion religions and groups also came into existence.

Question 2.
How can we describe the concept of ‘peace and harmony’ very concisely?

The concept of living with peace and harmony can be described very concisely as the calm and happy state of life without disturbances like conflicts and revolts.

Question 3.
Who guards peace and harmony in a country?

Anyone can contribute to maintaining the peace and harmony of a system, but there are also people who are given the task by the nations’ jurisdiction to look over law and order. Those particular jobs are called civil services for the work solely focuses on maintaining peace and harmony in the society by acting against any disobedience that disrupts the proper state of life.

Question 4.
Are there different types of peace?

Peace can be classified into internal or inner peace and external peace. The inner peace is the calm, sane, tranquil, and undisturbed state of our mind. And the outer peace is interrelated to inner peace because unless there is peace in the mind one cannot perform peaceful actions.

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