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Essay on My School Picnic: It’s no surprise that Schools are a second home to the children and an important part when they grow up in their lives. Schools became a place where a child learns how to dream, and how to follow the steps that lead to his destination in Life.

But Among the vigorous hard-working days, Even the students yearn for a break where they can laugh limitlessly and find ways to succeed seamlessly. Here we have presented short and Long Essays on ‘My School Picnic’ with pointers at the End to help them frame the Idea of the Essays.

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Long and Short Essays on My School Picnic for Students and Kids in English

We are providing an extended essay on My School Picnic of 400-500 words and a short essay of 100 to 200 words on the topic My School Picnic.

Long Essay on My School Picnic in English 500 words

My School Picnic essay will be helpful for students in classes 7, 8, 9, and 10 for their assignments or as an examination essay reference

I Enjoy Picnics. A Picnic is something that puts me in just the right mood after Days of drawling away on math sums and learning Geographical Locations in the world which I may not even visit in this Lifetime. After the Board Exams, The Picnic itinerary was sent to all of us in our emails, and It was a huge relief seeing the subject of the email as ‘Picnic’ instead of ‘Homework’ or ‘Practice Sheets.’

The School Picnic is a short but lovely experience that engages the teachers and students into a world of fun that can never happen in classrooms. In short, it is an occasion that we all look forward to. This year we planned to visit Eldorado park in Mumbai. Most of the students had not visited this place and it was a mystery that held a lot of surprises between us. The Eldorado park sits in a Flood Zone, but we did not know that it would flood our day with such immense joy! As we were all dressed in our best outfits, we were all in our best moods, and the breezy weather added to our happiness.

Entering the park, we looked around and chose the rides that we wanted to hop on. The Rides ranged from safe to merely thrilling and I was someone who wanted thrill at all times. We sat on the rollercoaster ride which was an extremely enthusiastic ride as we roamed up and down the rail relentlessly. The ‘Flip-line’ was also a joy but a bit scary for some people who were afraid of heights. We were strapped on with safety belts from our torsos and sent off hanging on the line from one point to the other.

We had a mesmerizing view of the mountain tops that resided near the amusement park. Some people even had stripped off their clothes and after putting on some light clothes, jumped into the pool. Yes, the pool time was one of my favorites which did not last for long. We jumped around and got out during the evening time.

The school workers took out their pots and pans along with the food. After thirty minutes, a delicious smell filled the air. After all, Picnics were all about good company and superb food, and we had both! As we all devoured the delicious Chinese food and Maggi watching the sunset, we realized that there would be no moment beautiful than this. After dinner, we all danced to music with all our hearts, though none of us was even near to being a good dancer.

Soon, The Time passed so soon that we didn’t even realize that the day was over. But at that moment, glancing through the windows of my bus and with earphones hanging from my ears, the music had a different meaning of happiness that not only soothed the mind but reached the heart and caressed it. Undoubtedly, these was going to be cherished as the best days of my normal human life.

Long Essay on My School Picnic

Short Essay on My School Picnic in English 150 words

My School Picnic essay is useful for students in classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

‘Picnic’. Hearing this word every student starts to flutter and laughter fills the air. One such day arrived in my life when all of us were to be taken to a Monumental Temple in Ahmedabad, as soon as our exams ended.

The Best thing about that picnic was that we did not have to dress up in our boring uniforms, but colored clothes that made us look cute to the core. School picnics are fun because of all the hard-working days this is the day when you can enjoy yourself with your teachers without any worries. The Monumental Temple was a temple of Lord Krishna that showed his life story with a series of statues and scriptures underneath them. It was a very beautiful trip with all types of knowledge.

The Day ended with a delicious dinner of Chinese food and drinks that had filled us with happiness at its best. This was the most memorable day of my school Life! So, these were the samples of the essay. You can access more Essay Writing on this given topic and many others.

10 Lines on Essay on My School Picnic in English

  1. A School Picnic is a memorable event in a student’s life as they are freed from mountains of work during this occasion.
  2. The School Picnic consists of good company, best weather, and lovely food, all in the span of one occasion.
  3. The School picnic starts at 10.00 am and continues the day with beautiful places to go and enjoy.
  4. The students are asked to bring food of their choices like cake, fruit or food that they like the most.
  5. Teachers play lots of games with the students and the students are very happy that they don’t have to follow any kind of discipline at all.
  6. The picnic spots are generally open and wide locations that allow everyone to move around freely and without any restrictions.
  7. The picnic consists of different groups that stay together without any kind of opposition from the teacher and enjoy the freedom.
  8. The freedom from school uniforms is also a huge plus to the situation.
  9. The Day of the picnic ends with delicious food and pleasure which is a relief in a busy student’s life.

10 Lines on Essay on My School Picnic

FAQ’s on Essay on My School Picnic

Question 1.
What does a School Picnic mean to a child?

A School Picnic is the best day of a student’s life as they can enjoy to their fullest without any hindrance from the teachers. A School picnic is a day when the teachers and students enjoy simultaneously.

Question 2.
What does a School Picnic generally consist of?

A School Picnic cannot be fixated in an answer, there are different types of school picnics. They can be of a single day or they can be of many days altogether. But the general idea behind a school picnic is to have fun with food and good company within the plan that is decided.

Question 3.
What are the most important things in a School Picnic?

The place that is selected for the picnic, the groups or company that is selected and the atmosphere also matters the most in a picnic.

Question 4.
What are the memoirs that are received from a picnic?

The best memoirs that are received from a picnic is the unlimited amount of joy and the beautiful memories that are formed due to the different experiences during the picnic.

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