Essay on Integrity | Integrity Essay for Students and Children in English

Essay on Integrity: The word “integrity” originated from the Latin word “integer,” which means a feeling of wholesomeness. So, overall integrity is a sense of togetherness and completeness that one enjoys while living an honest and moral life. A person with integrity believes in a set of values and rules that he follows throughout his lifetime and tries to pass it on to people around him and his next generation. We have compiled some extended, short, and ten lines essays on integrity.

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Long and Short Essays on Integrity for Students and Kids in English

Given below is an Integrity essay of approximately 400-500 words and is suitable for the students of standards 7, 8, 9, and 10 and a short piece of nearly 100-150 words for the students of standard 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Long Essay on Integrity in English 500 words

“Honesty is telling the truth to other people, and integrity is telling the truth to myself.” This famous saying describes integrity in a perfect manner. Integrity is the completeness one feels when he leads an honest and moral life. Integrity is wisely choosing between what is right and what is wrong. If a person has nothing else, he can always feel proud of his integrity. Integrity helps a person to make trustworthy bonds with people around him.

Integrity is not something one can purely teach to others. It is more of a virtue that comes from within a person. Integrity is something a man needs to be proud of because it is a valuable possession no one can take away from him. Integrity means being honest and authentic to oneself and following a strict set of rules. Without integrity, the world would be merely anarchy.

In the academic field, there are a set of moral codes and ethical policies that are to be abided by. This is known as Academic Integrity. Integrity is needed for my people to flourish and bring morality to their life. Academic integrity should be developed in early life as it is an essential virtue for students.

It is a quality that great leaders and academicians have in their lives, which allows them to be honest even when no one is watching them. Completing one’s work without plagiarizing from someone else’s work, not cheating on home tests and assignments, and working ethically are the significant milestones one has to achieve for building up his academic integrity.

Integrity is an essential quality every employer wants in his employees so that he can trust his employees with all his heart and expect a colloquial behavior from him. Professional integrity increases work productivity and helps in maintaining a positive environment. People with professional integrity have a significant benefit at the workplace because they do not have to put in any extra effort, to be honest, and become a person on whom everyone depends.

It is not that academic and professional integrities are the highest levels of integrity a man should possess. Everyone should strive to attain integrity in their lives and practice integrity as it is a way of living and achieving prosperity. It helps the community grow and prosper. Integrity augments enthusiasm, fearlessness, accomplishment, creativity, purposefulness, and energy. It is the freedom, honesty, and moral soundness of a human being.


Short Essay on Integrity in English 150 words

All do not possess the virtue of integrity. It is developed by an individual slowly and steadily. It is a state of freedom and honesty and helps a man to be independent and trustworthy. A community where everyone respects each other’s integrity is an ideal society. Integrity allows individuals to flourish in their respective fields in the organization. In the educational field, academic integrity is essential. Respecting everybody’s work and not copying from them is a virtue that eyone should strive for. A person with true integrity will consider taking responsibility for their actions.

In the work field, the employees, as well as the employers, need to have professional integrity. It imposes the fact that everyone should be helpful and should respect each other’s opinions. This helps in building a positive workplace for the workers to explore their creativity and maximize their outputs. Right doings, modesty, and humbleness are some unique qualities that comes with integrity. Integrity is a trait that helps a human being live a long and healthy life.

10 Lines on Essay on Integrity in English

  1. Integrity is the quality of a person being sincere, faithful, and truthful in appearance, speech, and action.
  2. Integrity is inherited from family, parents, and belief systems.
  3. Surroundings and situations also impact it.
  4. The ethical behavior of a person makes them courageous and fearless.
  5. A person with integrity can look towards any situation in life through self-confidence and courage.
  6. Integrity makes the person free of guilt as the one who is loyal and honest will never run away from admitting mistakes.
  7. People with integrity live a peaceful and happy life as they don’t have to lie to others to save the truth, which makes them guilt-free.
  8. A person with integrity is always respected in society as the character of the person is clean.
  9. There’s no specific place to learn integrity, but the two prime areas for a child to learn are school and family.
  10. There has been a decline in the integrity of our society, which results in the recent uprise in corruption.

10 Lines on Essay on Integrity

Frequently Asked Questions on Essay on Integrity

Question 1.
Why is integrity a vital quality?

Integrity improves the personality of a human being. It also helps in enhancing the quality of life. It also makes an individual a trustworthy and dependable person.

Question 2.
Is integrity beneficial?

Integrity enforces respect, standards, purpose, and encourages values to gain modesty and honesty in life.

Question 3.
How can integrity be applied in daily life?

Integrity has a massive impact on society. Small activities of staying honest while nobody is watching is also an act of integrity. Good understanding and excellent communication skills also contribute to virtue.

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