Debate Writing | Format, How To Write? and List of Good Debate Writing Topics 

Debate Writing: Want to flaunt your good English skills and abilities in an argument, discussion, or essay writing? Debate Writing is the best way to flaunt your hidden skills and gain confidence. Debates can be done verbally where a group of people put their views & opinions about the issue and expect you to deal with the raisen points or express your strong points against them.

To deal with such conditions you need to be clear on what you are speaking or writing about an issue and oppose your co-members with the strong points. Candidates, who have queries about How to write a debate? Can dive into this article and get complete knowledge about it to stand on the selected motion of an issue or argument. 

What is Debate Writing?

A formal discussion on a particular technical or general topic during a public meeting or legislative gathering. In a debate, everyone puts their view and opinions in front of opposing ones and finally, one person wins the argument with a vote. But in debate writing, participating candidates need to express their views in a particular format and make opposing members impress by perfect debate writing skills.

Format of Debate Writing

In order to win any argument or discussion, one should gain more knowledge about the topic and then express their point of view in a perfect style of writing. So, here we have compiled a debate writing format to enhance your debate skills and make you win among all.

Formal Address: Formal addressing the chief guest, jury members and the audience is the great gesture of a debater. Hence, it is mandatory to address formally at the opening line of a debate.

  • Motion/Introduction: After addressing, the introduction about his/her is important to make their stand clear. The motion should be the first paragraph at the time of debate writing.
  • Argument/Discussion: Debater should put his/her views against other speakers and highlight the main lines by stressing or by giving real-time examples to make it more supportive. Your points must be strong and logical to revoke a few points stated by the opponent. The speaker should highlight all these main points of the debate or argument in the middle paragraph.
  • Conclusion: At the end of the debate lines also a speaker should express his/her own opinions regarding the issue. Basically, it needs to be an impactful statement that everyone satisfies and stands on the issue. Make an end with gratitude like ‘Thank You!’

List of Good Debate Writing Topics

Mostly, debate topics depend on the present issues of public importance or regarding common ideas or philosophies or political or social platform topics, etc. Well, we have listed Good Topics on Debate Writing that makes you win every single argument. Take a look at the below list to get a good grip on the latest and general debate writing topics easily & effectively. 

Six Easy Steps for Writing a Debate Perfectly

Worried about how to structure and write a debate easily? Then, following these six easy steps help you give your best in framing good debate writing and make you win the verbal sparring match. Let’s check the 6 simple steps below and write a debate with ease:

  • Starts with a Strong Opening Line
  • Determining the Topic
  • Signposting
  • Rebuttal & their Strategies
  • Pre-research
  • What’s the Point?
  • Economic Challenges
  • Use your own arguments
    • Your Arguments
    • Conclusion

Types of Debate

Students and participants can view several diverse formats or types of debates. Each and every debate type has its own unique style and focuses on the areas like school, college or a political arena. Following are some of the most general Debate Types that are pursued mostly in the western world. They are as follows:

  • Cross-Examination Debate
  • NDT Debate
  • Lincoln–Douglas Debate
  • Spontaneous Argumentation
  • Parliamentary Debate
  • Team Policy Debate

FAQ’s on Debate Writing

Question 1.
What is the basic format for debate writing?

The format of writing a debate is as follows:

  • Salutation
  • Introduction
  • Body of the Argument
  • Simple & Common Phrases
  • Conclusion

Question 2.
How many types of debates are there?

There are six types of debate and they are listed in this article clearly.

Question 3.
What are the basics of Debate Writing?


  • Speaker should outline the main points used in the argument and stand on the debate.
  • There will be a limited time for a speaker to place their points so your points must be clear, precise and informative.
  • Mainly, a debate is completely based on the question or problem or a proposition and the basic point for writing a debate is speakers have to express for or against it.

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