Conversation Between Father and Son | Sample and Guidelines on Conversation Between Father And Son

Conversation Between Father And Son: A conversation between a father and son is essential for the development of their relationship. Hence, communication between a parent and their children is one of the most important factors to maintain a healthy relationship. Furthermore, it also helps to impart important values and lessons to the child. For instance, when the child has to learn important life lessons, they might not understand the whole picture unless they are guided by someone.

Another important aspect to understand is to assess the way you interact with your child. Using a positive tone is very important as your child is more likely to listen. Using a negative tone might work too, but in the long run, this can create unwanted tensions or impressions on the child. In this article, we shall explore how to effectively talk to your child. Alternatively, we shall see some common conversations which are likely to happen between a father and his son.

Guidelines for Father and Son Interaction

Following are some basic guidelines that should be followed for the best possible outcome:

  • Try to be polite to your child
  • Do not be abusive or use harsh tones, but you can be assertive if you want to emphasise a point
  • Being harsh may affect your relationship, and it also has the potential for the child to not develop the required skills
  • Set an example by following it yourself. Children tend to observe their own behaviour and follow in our footsteps.
  • Treat your child with kindness and respect. Imparting good manners is an essential part of growing up.
  • View your child’s actions objectively and assess how you talk. This can help convey an important lesson more effectively.

Sample Conversation Between Father And Son

We shall explore a common scenario where a father confronts his son about his poor academic performance.

Father: Hi, son.

Son: Hi, dad.

Father: Son, it seems you have not been paying attention in class, and this clearly shows in your marks card. Also, I do not see you reading your books while you are at home too. Don’t you think you should start taking your studies more seriously?

Son: Yes, dad. I find a school to be so boring. I want to quit and travel the world.

Father: Son, how will you pay for your tickets? Or even food for that matter?

Son: I will figure something out, dad.

Father: Son, you need to understand something. Education is a very important part of your life. It may not seem like that now, but that is because your mother and I have sheltered you from the harsh realities of the world. But as you grow older, you will realize the importance of having a good job. Your education is like an “entry pass”, allowing you to work and establish yourself. So, you must study and take your school seriously.

Son: But dad, I do not want to study. I feel that none of these subjects will become useful as an adult. Like, I have never seen anyone outside my school use Pythagoras theorem in their day-to-day life. I have also never seen anyone talking about Shakespeare and his plays other than in my English class.

Father: Son, you may not see it, but the world runs on maths and science. How will you buy food if you cannot perform simple calculations? How will you use a computer if you are not familiar with the basics?

Father: Son, this may seem unappealing right now, but when you are an adult, you will be thankful. Remember, investing in one’s yourself is the greatest thing you can ever do. And education is one of those things. It can eventually let you achieve success in life.

Son: Wow, dad! I think I will start taking my studies more seriously. I want to learn and invest in myself.

Son: From today, I will start paying more attention in my class and also dedicate time at home for learning new things. I am so glad I had this conversation with you, dad.

Father: Remember, son, you have your whole life ahead of you. Do not waste it in things that do not help you learn or grow as an individual. Your mother and I are always here if you need anything from us.

Son: Thank you, dad. I love you.

Father: I love you too, son.

FAQ’s on Father and Son Conversation in English

Question 1.
How should a father talk to his son?

Communication between father and son is one of the most important factors to maintain a healthy relationship. Hence, ensure that you are always polite and view your child’s actions objectively. Being harsh may be detrimental in the long run, hence try to avoid such types of confrontations. Furthermore, your child sees you as an example and tries to follow it themselves. Hence, ensure that you always set the right example.

Question 2.
What are the things to remember when talking to your child?

Try to follow these points when conversing with your child – Be polite and avoid abusive behaviour. Be assertive if you have to but do not use harsh tones. Set yourself as an example – children tend to imitate their parents. Lastly, inculcate manners in your child by treating them with kindness and respect. This will ensure that they treat others with the same kindness and respect that they are treated with.

Question 3.
Should you be harsh with your son/ daughter?

Being harsh when they make a mistake may be detrimental in the long run. In fact, they might fail to learn their lesson and make the same mistake again in the future. Hence, learn to speak objectively, and also kind. Be assertive if you have to, but do not be harsh or rude.

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