Debate on Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage | Successful Marriages – Love Vs Arranged

Debate on Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage

Debate on Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage: Honorable judges, respected chief guest, teachers, my dear friends and opponents a very good morning. Today I feel obliged to get a chance to speak on the topic Debate on Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage.

A great marriage does not happen because of the love you had in the beginning but how well you keep your love till the end.

Marriage is a connection between two opposite genders as well as two families. Marriage is a lifetime commitment and both the partners have to spend their whole life together.

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Debate on Love marriage and arranged marriage are the evergreen debated topic over the years. Everyone is in search of which of the two options is better and successful. Some people are in favour of love marriages as both the partners know each other beforehand. And some, on the other hand, are in the favour of arranged marriages. In love marriages, a girl or a boy choose their partners on their own, whereas in arranged marriages partners are chosen by their family, parents or relatives. The main aim is to get married, be it to a partner of your choice or your parent’s. Getting married is not a doll n dolly play it is in itself is a huge responsibility.

There is a continuous debate on Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage to find the best way to choose the partner for marriage. Even several surveys have been done to know which one people support the most.

However, arranged marriages are mostly dominant in India. And in the Debate on Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage, I am also in favour of Arranged marriages

Because according to me, getting your parents to arrange someone for you is better as they know what you want, and they will choose the best for you.’

Another advantage of arranged marriages is the connection between different families. Marriage is not just a union of two people but also a union of two different families, which are now more closely linked than ever before.

In many cultures, the connections between families are quite important on a daily basis. And good connections between family members may also be beneficial when it comes to future career prospects.

In Arranged marriages, while looking for a partner for their son or daughter, parents will first check the potential background of the bride or groom’s family whether they are compatible with theirs. Do they check if they have the same background like cultural and religious,  economical status, level of education, social status, etc? In an arranged marriage, status, future security and stability seem to be the most valued things looked for. So that their son or daughter can live a stable, secure and similar life as their parents. This is the main reason why India has such a low divorce rate.

Debate on Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage 1

Arranged marriages in India are mostly carried on a religious basis. This is because the parents feel that, it affects the living style of the couple, it becomes easy to get along with the new family, their customs, beliefs and lifestyle

In my Debate on Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage Essay, I want to point out that in Love marriages youngsters often confuse attraction or infatuation with love. Love is not the only thing we need in life. One should also check the reality like the family background, social and economic conditions, the environment they grew up in, etc. So, one can get into a relationship with a similar kind of family as theirs. This prevents cheating and betrayal because of trusting people blindly, which happens in some love marriages.

It is well said that “ Love is Blind”. People in love do not see the family background, social and economical status, etc. which is at risk in the future. Trusting blindly may result in divorce.

The couple who go for love marriage is mostly independent in nature. If they want to end the relationship, they do not consider family opinions much and they do it.

In India, love marriages are still socially unacceptable.

As in arranged marriages there family and relatives are involved, the conflict between the couple will be effectively resolved. The couple is guided by their parents and grandparents’ experience and the situation is in control and the state of divorce doesn’t rise. Whereas in a love marriage the couple is unaware of the future complications in life and lacks this experience because of the absence of elders.

According to Dr. Robert Epstein, an American psychologist, love in love marriages fades away with time, whereas love in arranged marriages grows with time.

Do you think arranged marriages lead to divorce and love marriages don’t? Well, that’s a mystery in itself. The failure of any relationship has nothing to do with this. It all depends on how the two partners choose to accommodate each other’s life. The key to a successful marriage is understanding, love and trust. If you manage to with these then nothing can affect your relationship with your spouse.

The debate on Love marriage and arranged marriage has been going on for decades but It is difficult to arrive at a conclusion. Both types of marriages come with their own pros and cons. In the end, I would like to conclude my Debate on Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage with the message that irrespective of the choice, the couple and the families must live with love, trust and understanding to make the marriage successful.

Debate on Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage 2

FAQ’s on Debate on Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage

Question 1.
Why do love marriages fail?

Many love marriages fail or end up in divorce because of misunderstanding, ego and burden of responsibilities. Some Love marriages are the result of attraction and infatuation and hence when they face real-life responsibilities they give up.

Normally couples in love marriages live independently away from both of their families and the absence of an elder’s presence is also the main reason for increasing divorce in Love marriages.

Question 2.
What are the benefits of arranged marriage?

Arranged marriages are arranged by family members and relatives. Parents search for the best partners for their children. The best part of arranged marriage is that the parents are always there to solve the conflicts between the couple if any. Some of the benefits of arranged marriages are:

  1. People may match better
  2. Higher level of experience of parents
  3. Assurance of social status
  4. Financial security
  5. Cultural similarities of partners
  6. Rational rather than emotional decision
  7. Family connections are strengthened
  8. Similar ethics
  9. Religious fits
  10. Similar values
  11. People may live in a happy bubble
  12. Avoidance of lovesickness
  13. No stress to find a partner

Debate on Freedom of Speech | Freedom of Expression is Important, Youth Debate on Fundamental Right

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Debate on Freedom of Speech: If a nation respects all its citizens and gives them all the rights needed for their development and growth, the people of this nation should act responsibly towards utilizing their freedom of speech and expression.

Very good morning to Honorable judges, respected chief guests and all the audience. Today I ————  will be expressing my views on the Debate on Freedom of Speech. Let me express my views in favour of the motion.

It’s the power of freedom of speech that we are here to express our views openly.

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Speech is God’s gift to human beings. Through speech, one can convey his feelings, thoughts and sentiments to others. Freedom of speech sometimes referred to as freedom of expression is thus a fundamental right, which a human being receives by birth. Everyone has the right to freedom of speech and expression to impart information and their own ideas.

That means if you are given freedom of speech you cannot say anything as you wish. There are some limitations to your speech. Under Article 19(2) the right to freedom of speech and expression is subject to limitations

Debate on Freedom of Speech highlights that Freedom of speech allows the citizens of the country to express and share their ideas, views and opinions openly without any restrictions. The public and the media are free to comment on any political activity and can also express their views towards anything they think is wrong. The media can openly criticise the government if it doesn’t work in the favour of the people.

According to Article 19(1)(a) of the Indian Constitution, every citizen has the right to freedom of speech and expression, which means the right to express their opinions freely by different modes like word of mouth, writing, printing, social media,  pictures, etc. Debate on Freedom of Speech focuses on the idea that one can express their ideas through any communicable medium or visible representation, such as gestures, signs, etc. Freedom of the press also falls under this category.

Through my debate on Freedom of Speech, I want to highlight that every democratic country gives its citizens the freedom of speech and expression. The same is guaranteed by the Indian Constitution too. Irrespective of your gender, religion, caste, or creed, you have been given the freedom of speech and expression. The values of democracy in a country are defined by this guaranteed fundamental freedom of speech and expression. The freedom to practice any religion, the freedom to express opinions and disagreeing viewpoints without hurting the sentiments or causing violence is what India is essentially made up of.

Debate on Freedom of Speech 1

Indian is a secular country and is famous for its democratic values across the world. And to maintain democracy, enforcing freedom of speech in India is one of the key points. Though Freedom of speech is a fundamental right, every citizen must make it a fundamental duty so as to save the essence of democracy.

In my research for Debate on Freedom of Speech, I found that various other developed countries also provide freedom of speech to their citizens but they have certain limitations. Different countries provide freedom of speech but with different restrictions on it. Hence the governance systems failed because they lacked freedom of speech. Some countries also do not allow this fundamental right at all and the best example is North Korea. In North Korea, the media or the public are not allowed to speak against the government. Criticizing the government or the ministers or the political parties becomes a punishable offense.. A healthy, liberal and strong democracy is reflected by a strong media presence in a country because the media is considered to be the voice of the common people. Democracy works in a better way as they have to face criticisms and disagreements if they work in the wrong direction.

India has more than 130 crores of the population now and every individual will not have the same thought process and same views and opinions. True democracy is made by the difference of opinions of the people and the respect people have for each other in the team. Before taking any decision, all aspects and angles of the topic should be taken into consideration. A good democracy will involve all the people – supporters and critics, before formulating a policy.

Through this debate on Freedom of Speech I also want to point out that in the name of freedom of speech, hatred, tensions, and violence cannot be caused in society. Then it is wrong to allow freedom of speech. Freedom of speech and expression should not become the reason for violence in a nation. Freedom of speech was a matter of concern when article 370 got revoked in Kashmir. In such situations, the government was trying to prevent the spread of fake news, terrorism or any type of communal tensions in those areas by restricting freedom of speech.h but it doesn’t mean that the government is acting against the rule.

So now let me conclude my debate on Freedom of Speech with the message that while freedom of speech is responsible for the growth and development of the society, it could have certain negative outcomes. It should not be used to disrespect or insult others. The media too should not misuse it.  It is the duty of the people of this nation to act responsibly towards utilizing its freedom of speech and expression.

Debate on Freedom of Speech 2

FAQ’s on Debate on Freedom of Speech

Question 1.
What are the six fundamental rights given by the constitution?

The Constitution guarantees six fundamental rights to Indian citizens as follows:

  1. Right to equality,
  2. Right to freedom,
  3. Right against exploitation,
  4. Right to freedom of religion,
  5. Cultural and educational rights, and
  6. Right to constitutional remedies.

Question 2.
Does India provide freedom of speech?

Yes, The Constitution of India in Article 19(1)(a) provides the right of freedom with the view of guaranteeing individual rights that were considered vital by the framers of the constitution. The right to freedom in Article 19 guarantees the freedom of speech and expression, as one of its six freedoms.

Question 3.
What are the benefits of freedom of speech?

Freedom of Speech is a core value in the democratic process. It ensures people are able to discuss, exchange, and debate ideas. Freedom of speech allows the citizens of the country to express and share their ideas, views and opinions openly without any restrictions. The public and the media are free to comment on any political activity and can also express their views towards anything they think is wrong. The media can openly criticise the government if it doesn’t work in the favour of the people.

Debate on Globalisation | The Debate Over Globalisation, Arguments and Against Globalisation

Debate on Globalisation

Debate on Globalisation: Good morning, respected jury members, my respected teachers, opponents, and my dear friends.

Today, I _______feel privileged to be standing here as one of the speakers, and thanks to my teachers for giving me this opportunity to express my views on this topic “Globalisation”. I will speak in favor of this motion and highlight the advantages of Globalisation.

My dear friends, I hope most of you are already acquainted with the term ‘Globalisation’. To express the term in simple words, Globalisation means a more connected world through greater international trade and foreign investments. It is the integration of products and people across different countries arising from the interchange of views, cultures, and ideas. I think I have made it more or less clear through this simple explanation.

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Now an obvious question arises whether Globalisation is good or bad for a country and its people. The positive effects of Globalisation are quite prominent as compared to negative effects. Globalisation enhances healthy competition among multinational companies for their products and services and customers are benefited from better quality products with competitive prices.

Let us now focus on the benefits derived from Globalisation. The list can be huge but here are some of the most important and relevant points that I want to mention here.

  • Access to new cultures
  • Spread of technology and innovation
  • Competitive price of products
  • Access to new markets
  • Higher standards of living
  • Access to new talents
  • International recruiting and job opportunities

Now an important point that needs to be discussed is the background for Globalisation. There are three major guiding factors or components for Globalisation namely, international market integration, multinational production and trade, and international finance. These are the extremely important aspects of the development of the economy and infrastructure in a country.

I want to highlight how Globalisation is impacting our lives in various ways. We find that due to Globalisation, standard quality products are available at a much cheaper price. We have a lot more options when selecting a product and service. We get access to the most advanced technology and features which suit our requirements more conveniently. Eventually, it has improved the standard of living. We can see a lot of foreign products in areas like automobiles, telecom, electronics, etc. Commercial transactions at the international level have become more effective and reliable.

Globalisation has a positive impact on society as well. Due to Globalisation, there is a rapid and significant human change. Migration has increased, people in large numbers have moved from rural to urban areas and the growth of cities happened very fast. The integration of technology has transformed the job profile and brought opportunities for skill development and applications. Until the middle of the twentieth century, production was mainly concentrated within countries. But more and more MNCs were looking for locations around the world that would be cost-effective for their business in terms of manufacturing and trade. Globalisation brings this opportunity for integration or connecting markets across countries.

Another positive effect of Globalisation is that nations can freely and wisely use their resources more efficiently by selling their products to the most profitable market. They can procure the best raw materials according to global standards and improve their product quality to gain a competitive advantage. In absence of major restrictions, Globalisation offers a market-friendly approach, hence making the economy more open and competitive. Globalisation promotes trade across borders and acts as a pillar for liberalization. It improves productivity and efficiency which control the economic growth of a country. It opens the door for the inflow of foreign capital as investment and also through export earnings. The various sectors are now exposed to international competition and as a result, the economy gets a boost.

Consumers are also getting benefitted from the effect of Globalisation. They get good quality goods at the right price while choosing from a variety of options. As a consequence, there is improvement in quality for all goods and services to remain competitive in the marketplace. Consumers get access to the latest technological advancements and remain updated with know-how and information. The demand-supply logistics become more balanced leading to efficient production activities ensuring quality and quantity.

Debate on Globalisation 1

Through foreign ventures in industry, various economic sectors around the world become better connected. This enhances other connectivity as well, like in the fields of culture, politics, technology, and finance. The exchange of cultures is a common aspect of Globalisation. Cultural Globalisation refers to the transmission of ideas and values around various corners of the world. In this process, a country gets enriched by the culture, values, and traditions of other countries. The connection through the internet, popular culture media, and international platforms bring the countries close to each other. To intensify my point I will give you an example. The Globalisation of food is one of the most common benefits of cultural Globalisation. Today’s younger generations try to build an identity that gives them a sense of belonging to a worldwide culture. They have developed an awareness of events, practices, and information as a part of the global culture.

Political Globalisation refers to the growth of the worldwide political forum involving different countries. The best example is the creation and functioning of the United Nations. Political Globalisation helps us in various ways. A country can easily connect to the leaders of other states in case of any crisis or can take opinions to handle critical issues. This results in easy and amicable solutions.

The world has moved beyond sociological restrictions as an aftereffect of Globalisation. It covers a vast area involving governments, business, industry, and infrastructure. All these sectors are getting benefited out of Globalisation and in turn pass the benefit to the common people. The international trade opportunities have created a single world market which all countries can access to their advantage. Globalisation helps in forming new types of groups and develops social relationships. It impacts the generative process for new sociological changes.

Globalisation is increasing at a faster pace and we can experience it so profoundly. The influence of advanced technology, diverse culture, and new economic structures has created a major shift in the socio-economic profile of societies in a positive direction.

Debate on Globalisation 2

FAQ’s on Globalisation Debate

Question 1.
What is the role of WTO in Globalisation?

The formation of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 1994 led to the reduction of trade barriers across the world and an increase in the free trade agreements among various countries.

Question 2.
How India is impacted by Globalisation in terms of MNC operations?

MNCs are considering India for making major investments in the fields like IT, business processing, and R&D investments.

Question 3.
What is the effect of Globalisation in the education sector?

Globalisation has given more access to information across the world that has helped in greater awareness among students. This has also led to a greater need for specialization and promotion of higher education.

Question 4.
How Globalisation impacts the standard of living?

People prefer to live in urban settlements rather than rural areas because of job opportunities. The increased purchasing power also improves their lifestyle.

Question 5.
How does a country gain economic advantage from Globalisation?

Globalisation involves a huge exchange of capital, goods, and services across countries which have a great impact on the economy.

Debate on Mobile Phones Advantages and Disadvantages | Using of Mobile Phones Debate in English

Debate on Mobile Phones

Debate on Mobile Phones-Advantages and Disadvantages: “As long as you have a mobile phone you are never alone” rightly said by someone isn’t it? Yes, mobile phones have become an integral part of our life. Even a day cannot be imagined without a mobile phone. Today, Sumit Sharma standing in front of you wanted to express my views on how mobile is an important technology in today’s world through my Debate on Mobile phones-Advantages and Disadvantages.

Guys, have you ever thought about the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones? I don’t think so, because we do not pay attention to the pros and cons of the technology which proved to be very useful to the world. We just keep on fetching the best from it. I am sure my debate on mobile phones-advantages and disadvantages will make you think about buying a mobile phone for yourself if you don’t own any.

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The basic aim of this debate on mobile phones-advantages and disadvantages is to highlight all the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Mobile Phones for upcoming Youth in Society.

Debate on Mobile Phones Advantages and Disadvantages 1

Before going to have a debate on mobile phones-advantages and disadvantages I would like to share what is mobile? Mobile is exactly what the name implies – technology that is portable means which can be moved easily. Mobile devices include laptops, tablets, netbooks, computers, smartphones, global positioning system (GPS) devices also wireless debit/credit card payment terminals

  • In my research for debate on mobile phones-advantages and disadvantages, I have found that mobile phones are the best source of communication nowadays. Communication was very hard and costly for people in the olden days. But today communication has become very easy, people can communicate with their relatives and friends within seconds using mobile phones. Before the invention of mobile phones the landline telephone and letters were used for communication then, we used mobile phones only for communication, phone calls and text messaging, etc. But today mobile phones act as portable computers, a lot of activities can be done by using mobile phones easily.
  • Mobile phones are a great source of information for students. With the help of mobile phones, students can easily access different kinds of educational websites through the internet from anywhere, anytime. Also, a lot of educational apps like language dictionaries, translators, music and dance learning applications and many other learning apps are available in the play store of mobile phones. By which students can learn anything.
  • Today, people can order different kinds of things either it may be any food item or any other product, through mobile phones from home instead of going outside. That saves them time and money needed for travelling.
  • Nowadays, mobile phones are the most popular source of entertainment. People can watch movies, songs and play games on mobile phones. People of any age, the old one or the teens use mobile phones for their entertainment.
  • In the case of an emergency, people can use a mobile phone for contacting their relatives and save a life in an emergency.
  • Mobile phones have the best resolution cameras. Due to mobile phones, capturing memorable moments through mobile phones is very easy and can be sent to any other person also they can share it on social media platforms.
  • One of the best benefits of mobile phones is the GPS features. It gives you information about your current location and destination. You can select the destination on a GPS map and it gives you the direction of the ways to reach your destination.
  • New mobile phones can easily access the high-speed internet through their mobile phones from anywhere. The DSL or broadband internet connection is becoming old nowadays, people tend to use 3G, 4G, and upcoming 5G internet speed.
  • Mobile phones are also referred to as digital personal assistants. You can even set alarms and reminders on your mobile phones.  You can add a to-do list for an all-day schedule on your mobile phones.
  • Earlier people had to keep the torch to see in darkness or to search for something in the darkness. But now mobile phones have the feature flashlights which work as a torchlight.
  • Mobile phones are next to libraries, they are the most beneficial digital device used for learning and research. You can search for any type of recipes, magazines, newspapers, research papers, or any kind of journal, etc. easily.
  • Those who have a mobile don’t need to keep a calculator with themselves. All kinds of calculations can be done on mobile phones using the calculator feature.
  • Before mobile phones, people used to keep phone number diaries for saving the contact numbers of people. But today because of mobile phones people can save many contact numbers easily. And can easily retrieve it anytime from anywhere
  • Through mobile phones, you can easily do online banking, access your bank accounts, check your account status, and transfer money to other accounts. There is no need to go to the bank branches for any kind of financial transaction you can do it through your mobile phone online.

Through this debate on mobile phones-advantages and disadvantages, we are trying to make you people aware of the advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones. But again, it all depends on the users how they use their mobile phones. Its use should be limited keeping in mind the ill effects too. So that only

If used wisely, a mobile phone can be one of the best gadgets and one can fetch its benefits. Don’t let the dark sides of mobile phones discourage you, it’s a matter of choosing how best it can benefit you.

So, had this debate on mobile phones-advantages and disadvantages convenience you how important are the mobile phones. I hope you will find this debate on mobile phones-advantages and disadvantages very helpful.

Thank you

Debate on Mobile Phones Advantages and Disadvantages 2

FAQ’s on Mobile Phones Advantages and Disadvantages Debate

Question 1.
How does mobile prove to be useful in the business field?

Using mobile technology in business proved to be very useful because of the following feature:

  • Improve customer service.
  • increase mobility.
  • increase productivity.
  • work remotely (eg work from anywhere)
  • accept payments wirelessly
  • improved networking capabilities
  • Online transactions made easy

Question 2.
How can one make money using mobile phones?

Nowadays, there are so many ways to make money using smartphones. They are like blogging, making teaching videos, taking photographs to sell, making entertaining videos for YouTube, promoting your business, marketing your products and from today’s point of view taking online tuition is a great source of income.

Question 3.
How mobiles proved to be very useful in this current covid-19 pandemic?

During this current pandemic covid-19 when the whole world went under lockdown mobile proved to be a very useful technology to keep in touch with everyone. Due to mobile phones, many people who were stuck in different places can contact their relatives. Bank transactions and work from home as possible. And also students can continue their studies through online education using mobile phones. Mobile phones are also a great source of entertainment.

Debate on Private Tuitions | Private Tutions Are a Necessary Evil? Benefits and Issues

Debate on Private Tuitions

Debate on Private Tuitions: Good morning, respected jury members, respected teachers, my worthy opponents, and my dear friends. As we assemble here today to compete against each other on the topic of private tuition I ______ thank my teachers who found me capable and had faith in me. I will express my views on the above topic and will speak against the motion.

A student in this era goes to school for all-around development. Various activities related to the growth of an individual are taken care of in any good institution. Today’s most schools are well equipped with all the requirements that are essential for preparing a child for future demand. In this era where the teachers cater to the needs of the child in every aspect, what is the real utility of private tuition? If a student is attentive and serious in the class, private tuition is not at all required.

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During private tuition, a child may not get that technical education that a child gets in a school. The private tutor may not at times be a certified teacher so may lag inconsistency. The most important question is, is it necessary to go for private tuition? If a child wants to go into the depth of a subject, self-study is very essential. While going to private tuition this may not prove to be fruitful.

Debate on Private tuition is important as tuition, many a time, leads to mental pressure on a student. It is quite obvious that a student wants to indulge their time in other co-curricular activities of their interest. But engaging their valuable time in private tuitions may lead to great dissatisfaction. The parents indulge their ward to go for private tuitions to give more perfection in academics. But it may not be useful for the students as it is a waste of time for them and they want to be involved in some other areas of interest. In doing private tuition basic interests of the students are hampered. The parents should try to prioritize their wards’ needs.

Another disadvantage of private tuition is that the child is learning the same thing. So it’s repetitive and overburdens a student’s mind. Rather it is of less use and wastage of time. This time can be more fruitfully used in some other ways. It also creates a burden amongst the students because they have a lot of school assignments also which they need to complete in the stipulated time.

There is a million-dollar question and that is whether a child is safe while in private tuitions. In today’s world, it is quite tough to believe a person so how could a parent rely on private tutors? Yes, there are many instances of child exploitation being a small child or a teenager as found in newspapers or digital media. This has increasingly warned us of a student’s safety issues of students in private tuitions. So this important aspect related to a student’s safety cannot be ignored anytime.

Another important aspect that needs to be highlighted is that while engaged in private tuitions children lose their independent way of thinking. By helping them through private tuition the ability of self-assessment decreases. It even destroys the childhood of the students by engaging their entire time in the academic arena which costs time and money.

The teachers sometimes force students to take private tuitions as it helps to earn extra income besides school salary. But the teachers give less effort in school and concentrate more on private tuitions which are not desirable. Often private tuitions are conducted for a large group in a small space which is also unhealthy and not favorable for studies. Moreover, a student in a large group hardly gets personal attention or guidance from the teacher which is essential and expected in private tuitions. Going for private tuition especially in a coaching center has lots of unhealthy competitions. This competition leads to mental anxiety and disorder. Even lots of these coaching centers demand exorbitant fees which are not justified.

In this debate on private tuition, we shall also discuss how the parents of today run after the rat race. They are least bothered that their child is getting the proper guidance or only scoring marks in the examination. Scoring good marks is indeed an indicator of a good student but we cannot ignore the fact that gaining knowledge is of utmost importance. So this objective can be easily achieved through education at school. Going to private tuitions for only scoring good marks in an examination is of no use to me. I think my dear friends you too will agree with me in this context.

A healthy and open-ended discussion in the classroom can easily enrich the student’s mind so opting for private tuitions for this purpose is useless. Any sincere student can raise lots of questions in the classroom to clarify their doubts and achieve success in their studies. So why should a student waste time, energy, and money for the same purpose? Proper concentration in the school classes and sincere self-study are the key advantages of school education which are absent in private tuitions.

The prolonged time that the students spend outside their home creates a mental detachment from the family. It is another way that deprives them the opportunity to spend quality time with family members. They try to rely more on their friends rather than their parents and family members. It also leads to many negative consequences. One mistake from the parents’ end may lead to great disasters. So my dear friends I do not particularly see any such positive aspect of private tuition.

By pointing out so many disadvantages of private tuition I would like to restate my case by saying education is not only accessed by mere marks but it should be rather judged by the knowledge and its application in real life. It means turning out to be a good human being and also acquiring the ability to judge a person and situation correctly. For this purpose educational institutions are perfectly right. Only to score high marks in the examination is not the only indication of success and should not be the sole objective, because one has to face many challenges in future which can be faced by only self-learning and confidence.

Debate on Private Tuitions 1Debate on Private Tuitions 1

FAQ’s on Debate on Private Tuitions

Question 1.
Why should private tuition be avoided in early childhood?

Private Tuitions from early childhood create mental pressure on the child and deprive him of the nurturing and caring environment at home as well as in school. So it should be avoided.

Question 2.
What is the reason for such growth in private coaching centers?

These coaching centers demand that they would help students to get good marks in examinations and parents to feel that scoring marks are the only objective of education and indication of success.

Question 3.
Why do parents prefer private tuition for their wards?

Parents think their child gets special and personal attention in private tuition which may not be possible in regular school classes.

Question 4.
What is the business orientation in private tuitions?

Private Tuition has become a business based on demand-supply. The students want high marks in examinations and private tuition, be it individual or in coaching centers assure them of getting good marks in examinations.

Question 5.
Do private tuitions be beneficial for students?

Private Tuitions can be beneficial for higher class students when conducted in small groups under the guidance of competent and supportive teachers.