Debate on Freedom of Speech | Freedom of Expression is Important, Youth Debate on Fundamental Right

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Debate on Freedom of Speech: If a nation respects all its citizens and gives them all the rights needed for their development and growth, the people of this nation should act responsibly towards utilizing their freedom of speech and expression. Very good morning to Honorable judges, respected chief guests and all the audience. Today I … Read more

Debate on Globalisation | The Debate Over Globalisation, Arguments and Against Globalisation

Debate on Globalisation

Debate on Globalisation: Good morning, respected jury members, my respected teachers, opponents, and my dear friends. Today, I _______feel privileged to be standing here as one of the speakers, and thanks to my teachers for giving me this opportunity to express my views on this topic “Globalisation”. I will speak in favor of this motion … Read more

Debate on Mobile Phones Advantages and Disadvantages | Using of Mobile Phones Debate in English

Debate on Mobile Phones

Debate on Mobile Phones-Advantages and Disadvantages: “As long as you have a mobile phone you are never alone” rightly said by someone isn’t it? Yes, mobile phones have become an integral part of our life. Even a day cannot be imagined without a mobile phone. Today, Sumit Sharma standing in front of you wanted to … Read more