Anglo Mysore War Date and Year | All You Need to Know About Anglo Mysore War | History, Causes, Phases and Facts About Anglo Mysore War

Anglo Mysore War: Indian history is much fascinating to explore about fights and kingdoms over an area. There are many historical secrets that only a few people are aware of it. Anglo Mysore War is also a series of wars and secrets fought between the Mysore Kingdom against the British East Indian Company, Nizam of Hyderabad, and the empire Maratha Empire. The arrival of Britishers in India started in the 18th century, which has lead to significant loss and uprooting of Tipu Sultan’s House in Mysore.

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Also, many consider Tipu Sultan as the first freedom fighter for India. Also, his motive was to save his throne of the kingdom. Hyder Ali and his successor Tipu Sultan fought very bravely with the East India Company from all four directions one by one, which resulted in a complete four series of wars. However, eventually, East India Company got benefited from the results and entered India.

  • When was Anglo Mysore War Fought?
  • Where did Anglo Mysore War take place?
  • Why did Anglo Mysore War take place?
  • Who is the final winner for Anglo Mysore War?
  • How many lives it costed for Anglo Mysore War?
  • Explain the History of Anglo Mysore War in detail.
  • How many did it take for Anglo Mysore War to end up finally?
  • Give the names of Treaties signed between Tipu Sultan with Britishers during the Anglo Mysore War.
  • Name the major phases of the Anglo Mysore War.
  • Give some interesting facts regarding Anglo Mysore War.

Anglo Mysore War Date and Year | When Did it Take Place?

Anglo Mysore is a complete series of four wars in four different directions of India against Britishers. All of them were fought in the 18th century.

  • First Anglo Mysore War: Hyder Ali fought this war against Britishers and win over them from 1767 to 1769. Britishers were almost able to capture Madras but failed.
  • Second Anglo Mysore War: It is a bloody battle of 1780 to 1784 which caused a considerable life loss to both Britishers and the Mysore army. However, this battle was a huge fight that took over different places of India.
  • Third Anglo Mysore War: It is another 18th-century war that lasted from 1790 to 1792. This war brought a huge change in writing Indian history with Britishers.
  • Fourth Anglo Mysore War: The fourth war caused the entire fall of the Mysore kingdom under Tipu Sultan. It was a significant defeat for India and the entry of Britishers in 1799. The war took place for one year, from 1798 to 1799.

Where Did Anglo Mysore War Take Place?

The complete series of Anglo Mysore War was fought in different directions and areas. Know below the place of war for of them:

  • First Anglo Mysore War: The war between Britishers and Hyder Ali was fought when Britishers were attacking from West Mumbai, and Hyder Ali bravely fought against them from North East. The results show Hyder Ali winning over Mysore.
  • Second Anglo Mysore War: The bloodier battle that Tipu won over Baillie in the Battle of Pollilur. Next round at Kumbakonam for the Battle of Braithwaite. But in the third round, it was the Battle of Porto Novo and Arni where Hyder Ali was killed. However, Tipu Sultan continued and eventually signed for Treaty of Mangalore on 11 March 1784.
  • Third Anglo Mysore War: It was a resounding defeat for Mysore when Tipu tried to invade the nearby state to Travancore. However, the fact was it was British Ally. It was a major defeat for Mysore fought against British Governor-General Cornwallis.
  • Fourth Anglo Mysore War: It eventually resulted in Tipu Sultan’s death and the destruction of the Mysorean Territory. Britishers attacked Mysore from all four sides. It was a British victory at the Siege of Seringapatam.

Anglo Mysore War Cause

What Was The Cause of Anglo Mysore War?

Britishers always had a significant issue with Mysore. They thought Mysore to be a huge risk to settle their kingdom in India. The very second reason for the war was Mysore having an alliance with France for many years. On the other hand, Marathas always had a problem with Hyder Ali. Thus Britishers took advantage of this problem and asked Marathas to help them against Hyder. In return, they promised to take care of them. But it never happened.

Moreover, Hyder Ali was busy expanding his kingdom. Thus to counter this threat, the Chief of Maratha, Nana Phadnavis, who resided in Pune, formed good relations with Mysore, Marathas, and the Nizam Hyderabad. Thus the reasons become a cause of a huge war and settlement of Britishers in India.

Who Won Anglo Mysore War?

As it was the series of wars, the Britishers finally took over Mysore after killing Tipu Sultan. The fact was Mysore turned to be a huge threat for Britishers to carry out their trade, and they planned to attack over Mysore from all sides and thus killed Tipu Sultan. However, the first two series were in the hands of Tipu Sultan and the Army.

How Many People Got Killed In The Anglo Mysore War Series?

There is no exact or a rounding figure for lives taken with the Anglo Mysore
War series. But the eventual death of Tipu Sultan was between 35,000 soldiers of Tipu Sultan from all four sides of Mysore against 60,000 British Troops.

Explain the History of Anglo Mysore War

Britishers thought to trade over India and rule on the country. However, the fact is the arrival was not that easy for them. They had to fight a lot to settle first. But the entire fight started from the 18th century with the beginning of the Anglo Mysore War. Hyder Ali was the father of 15 years old Tipu Sultan at that time. He never wanted to Britishers to take over India and hence lost his life in the second series of Anglo Mysore War.

Tipu helped his father and supported him in the Battle of Mysore. Both Tipu and Hyder Ali had a good rule over South India. The kingdom was largely spread, and people used to call Tipu Sultan “Tiger of Mysore.” However, the kingdom only lasted until the arrival of the British Army in India. Finally, at the end of the fourth series, Tipu Sultan was killed, and the British captured the capital of Mysore- Srirangapatnam. The war was one of the bloodier wars with no defined count of people killed in it. Eventually, it costed the life of Tiger of Mysore and Britishers took over other parts of India. They fought for the Anglo Maratha War, Anglo Sikh War, Battle of Buxar, Battle of Plassey, and much more. Hence they finally established their kingdom over the country.

Anglo Mysore War Date and Time

For How Many Years, Tipu Sultan And His Army Fought Against The Britishers?

It is the story of the 18th century that turned to bring up the bloodier war of all time. Britishers wanted to trade over India, but Tipu Sultan and his army were a considerable threat. Thus they planned to dissolve them. Tipu had to fight a lot against them but eventually got defeated in the third series, which led him to leave many parts of his throne. The war began in 1767 and lasted till 1799. It was fought in four different series in different directions. Thus it took almost 32 years for Britishers to fight against Tipu Sultan and establish their rule.

What Were Different Treaties Signed by Tipu Sultan Against Britishers During Anglo Mysore War?

In the first war series, Tipu sultan’s father, Hyder Ali, defeated the British army and signed the Treaty of Madras. The fight was not that big, but Nizam of Hyderabad was turned against Hyder Ali by Britishers. However, the results were all temporary.

The second series brought Battle of Pollilur in September 1780. Hyder Ali got defeated in the Battle of Porto Novo, but Tipu took over, and the war ended with a Treaty of Mangalore.

The third series resulted in Tipu Sultan’s defeat, and hence he signed the Treaty of Seringapatam. It resulted in Tipu leaving many areas of his ruling throne.

The fourth series brought the end to Tipu Sultan’s life as Britishers thought Mysore to be a great threat now for business.

What Were The Major Phases in Anglo Mysore War?

There were four major series in Anglo Mysore War fought. Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan fought against Britishers who wanted to establish their trade. It is the story of the 18th century where wars began in 1767 and finally ended in 1799. The wars were not consistently fought but in series.

  • The very first series of Anglo Mysore War was fought between Hyder Ali and Britishers. Hyder Ali was able to defeat and enjoy rule over different parts of Mysore.
  • The second series brought an end to Hyder Ali’s life, and Tipu Sultan, his successor, took over and defeated the Britishers.
  • The third series brought a defeat to Tipu Sultan, and he had to leave many places of his rule in Mysore.
  • The fourth series brought the dead-end of Tipu Sultan.

First Anglo Mysore War

What Are Some Interesting Facts About Anglo Mysore War?

  • Hyder Ali was a military officer in the Kingdom of Mysore who became ruler in 1761. Hyder Ali is the only teacher of 15 years old Tipu Sultan.
  • Tipu supported his father in the battles fought in Anglo Mysore War against Britishers. He was just 15 years at that time.
  • People in Mysore called Tipu Sultan “Tiger of Mysore.” There is a forest story behind this name, and hence people used to call him.
  • Tipu Sultan fought very bravely against Britishers though it ended in his life loss.
  • Britishers had to face big problems when Tipu Sultan was the ruler of his area. They had to plan for years to kill him.
  • In the ruling period, Tipu Sultan had three major wars: Tipu Sultan succeeded in the Battle of Tipu Sultan and signed a Treaty of Mangalore with Britishers. In the Third Anglo Mysore War, he fought against Britishers again and lost to sign the Treaty of Srirangapatna. In the Four Anglo Mysore War, Tipu fought against Britishers, and he was killed.
  • Today people call Tipu Sultan for being the very first freedom fighter of India.
  • Tipu Sultan fought very bravely against Britishers but ended his life on 4 May 1799. This day is remarked as the ending of the Anglo Mysore War.

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