Advantages and Disadvantages of Weeds | Damages or Losses Caused by Weeds?, Importance, Is Weed Bad for You?

Advantages and disadvantages of Weeds: Various definitions have been progressed in an offer to clarify the significance of weeds. Certain individuals have depicted it as a plant that isn’t intentionally developed and consequently, is prospering where it isn’t needed. While there are different viewpoints with respect to what weeds are, for example, alluding to exceptionally irritating individuals or one more name for weed, we are keen on weeds in the farming setting.

In the farming speech, weed implies an undesired plant that is filling in some unacceptable spot. These plants are typically difficult and become rapidly. They are additionally known to grow out of and choke out the first developed plants. These plants likewise influence crop yield by endeavouring against the ideal or developed harvests for minerals, light and water. The advantages of a portion of these plants are yet to be determined.

Weeds are for the most part seen as troublesome so it is somewhat of astonishment to hear one discussion about the upsides of weeds. Notwithstanding, in this piece, we will be uncovering a few unforeseen advantages of weeds as well as the burdens of weed.

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What are Weeds? Advantages and Disadvantages of Weeds 2022

Weeds are undesirable or unwanted plants that grow either along with the crop sown or in areas where the requirement of it is least. Thus, they are uprooted many times to save the main plants to grow. Weeds are desirable also for several reasons. Although weeds do not have any botanical significance. These are plants that can survive even in any diverse condition and they reproduce quickly. Sometimes weeds are grown intentionally like in gardens or fields then in that case they may be termed as beneficial weeds.

In agriculture, weeds are continuously pulled out for the growth of the main crop. In special environmental conditions like where chances of survival of normal plants are less, like deserted areas or dunes, weeds can grow without any effort. Weeds have not only grown in one place but sometimes due to various agents, like in a normal flowering plant, it also grows in areas where its existence is not expected.

A few examples of weeds are dandelion, lamb’s quarters, etc. Some of the weeds are also termed noxious plants as they grow along with the main crop and sometimes even destroy the livestock. Let us see what are the advantages and disadvantages of Weeds.

Advantages of Weeds

Listed are a few Advantages of Weeds

  • Few Weeds are edible and have medicinal properties: Few of the weeds like Pathari, Math, Ghol are leafy vegetables that are mostly edible, and a few like Gumma(used in snake bites), oil of pivala dhotra(used for skin disease) have medicinal properties. Therefore weeds are beneficial in many ways.
  • 2. Property of manure: Manure is used to increase the fertility of the soil and since weeds have much nutritional value in them the manure prepared using weeds is also very nutritional for other plants.
  • Home for many creatures: It is a habitat of many insects that help in pollination. It also attracts many microorganisms that help to convert organic matter into humus. It also attracts worms that help in loosening up the soil. Therefore we conclude here that weeds act as a friend to the farmer.
  • Any excess of nutrients is stabilized: Weeds fix the nutrients imbalance in the soil and improve the soil quality, it may take say a couple of years or even decades or centuries for the process
  • Check soil, wind, and water erosion: weeds that grow in the region, especially deserted areas, are very much helpful in checking whether the region has not been facing soil, water, or wind erosion.
  • Fodder for animals: Many weeds have a very palatable taste that is loved by herbivorous animals. Many times the place is turned into pasture land where these kinds of weeds are grown.
  • Used for decoration at homes: Many flowering weeds, as well as plants, are kept at home for decoration that adds to the beauty of the house garden.
  • Economical Value: Many weeds like nutgrass and kans are sold in the international market this increases the economic value of the weeds to a great extent. Nutgrass is used to make essence sticks while kans is used for thatching purposes.
  • Also controls nematode: Nematodes such as roundworms are controlled by weeds like Calotropis spp, Parthenium, etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Weeds 2


Disadvantages of Weeds

Listed are a few disadvantages of Weeds

  1. 1 Reduces moisture in the soil: Many times weeds absorb the nutrients as well as moisture in the soil to grow and don’t allow the main crop as well as land to be water-laden thus also making it drought-prone.
  2. Adds to the maintenance cost of a farmer: As weeds are unwanted plants therefore they must be removed from the field either with expensive weedicides or manually uprooted which is a time taking process. Thus it adds up to the cost of farmers.
  3. Few weeds may cause diseases: Few weeds can even be dangerous as they are Noxious and may lead to various skin diseases and allergies and may also be fatal.
  4. Can harm the animals: Not only for humans but also for animals who don’t even have an idea of weeds’ nature, could be harmed by noxious weeds. They can get diseased and may also be the reason for spreading diseases.
  5. The efficiency of irrigation is reduced: Irrigation helps the crops and plants to grow well but weeds are the enemy plant for the main crop and also use the efficiency of irrigation and don’t allow the main crops to absorb the irrigated water. Thus the efficiency of irrigation gets reduced.
  6. Land value gets reduced: Land which is highly infested with weeds that grow endlessly often reduces the quality of the land. And thus the land value gets reduced.
  7. Production of the main crop reduces: The yield of the main crop can get reduced if weeds continue to grow on the same cropland. Thus the production of the main crop gets reduced.

Comparison Table of Advantages and Disadvantages of Weeds

The following table shows a comparison between the advantages and disadvantages of Weeds.

Advantages of WeedsDisadvantages of Weeds
Few Weeds are edible and have medicinal propertiesReduces moisture in the soil
Property of manureAdds to the maintenance cost of a farmer
Home for many creaturesFew weeds may cause diseases
Any excess of nutrients is stabilizedCan harm the animals
Check soil, wind, and water erosionThe efficiency of irrigation is reduced
Fodder for animalsLand value gets reduced
Used for decoration at homesProduction of the main crop reduces.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Weeds 1

FAQ’s on Pros And Cons of Advantages And Disadvantages of Weeds

Question 1.
What are Weeds?

Weeds are unwanted plants that grow beside the main crop. weeds may hamper the growth of the main crop.

Question 2.
What are Weedicides?

Chemicals used to kill the weeds from the field are called weedicides.

Question 3.
What are the advantages of weeds?

Weeds can hold onto issue bugs and harvest illnesses. For example, mustard-family weeds can continue canola infections, making the turn a less successful device for sickness the board. Youthful weeds can obstruct collecting activities. Weed seeds in collected yields cause dockage and increment the hazard of deterioration.

Question 4.
What are the disadvantages of weeds?

Weeds are unsafe for people and animals. Weeds cause disturbance of skin sensitivity and harm to individuals, additionally demise of palaces. Cause speedier wear and tear of ranch executes: Being solid and profound; the culturing carries out get broken down right on time and can’t work effectively except if they are appropriately honed or repaired.

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